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Believing Bible Study in the 21st century

The Foundation Was Established

Psalm 12:6-7 “The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.

Our first educational system was born out of John Cottons book Milk For Babes, Drawn out of The Breasts of both Testaments (1646), and in its condensed form, became the New England Primer which is how many earlier generations of Americans migrating west learned their ABCs.

The Foundation Was Established ... In Education

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Early U.S. History


Our first educational system was born out of John Cotton's book: Milk For Babes, Drawn out of The Breasts of both Testaments, 1646, and in its condensed form, became the New England Primer which is how many earlier generations of Americans migrating west learned their ABC's.

The Primer posed questions like this,

"What hath God done for you?"

Answer: "God hath made me, he keepeth me, and He can save me."

Hello! No evolutionists here! Just straight-shooting Bible-believing folk here! The New England Primer's influence was felt for nearly three hundred years in America.

(The Dallas, Texas, public schools maintained a Bible study curriculum (a credit course) in 1946.)

Indeed … to maintain GOOD PUBLIC policy for the GOOD of America … the major underpinning of a GOOD education is to HONOR the God of the BIBLE… and to ingrain into the hearts and minds of our children a thorough knowledge of this Bible, and therefore, the God of the Bible. Benjamin Rush … a signer of our U.S. Declaration of Independence said this:

“The only foundation for a useful education in a republic is to be laid in religion. Without this, there can be no virtue, and without virtue there can be no liberty. The only means of establishing and perpetuating our republican forms of government…is the universal education of our youth in the principles of Christianity by means of the Bible; for this divine book above all others favors… respect for just laws. Without religion, I believe that learning does real mischief to the morals and principles of mankind”.

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Men Never Learn From History!

It is a heart problem!

 Men refuse to learn the lessons afforded by the light of HISTORY:

 the recorded historical events which occurred as fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Now, these are the basic truths with which we all must deal with one way or another!

Two Basic Reasons For Our Failing Our History Lesson!

The Removing Of The Anchoring Landmarks
We have steadily almost imperceptibly at times removed one by one the great principles that were part of the formulation of the United States of America.

We have been busy for generations removing the anchoring landmarks that came as a result of the revivals God blessed this country with in its early years by the preaching of the word of GOD.

We have disobeyed the commandment in Proverbs 22:28- Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set.

The Departure from the BIBLE
What was the catalyst or reason for this downward spiral? Are you ready! The eyes of men everywhere had been clouded over with cataracts because of our apostasy or departure from the BIBLE … God’s word (and more exactly including the multiplicity of translations and corruption's to God's written word).
This apostasy began in America in the BIBLE SCHOOLS early in the last century (1901) when Philip Schaff (with other rank liberals who had rot-gut unbelief in God's word within their hearts) colluded with the English RV committee of 1885 (Westcott and Hort) to produce the American Standard Version (ASV), also known as the Rock of Bible Honesty by the scholars, or more accurately, by Bible believers, as a prime example of a new age version of a corrupted bible.

Baptist Heritage

It is to the Baptists ... that we owe primarily ... our religious freedom, and it is Roger Williams [of Rhode Island] in particular, that is the most important contributor of our religious freedom we enjoy in the United States of America.
The Bloody Tenet of Persecution for Cause of Conscience is the primary document, which provided the underlying principles for religious freedom, which in turn gave rise to the then future documents of The Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution and The Bill Of Rights.