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The broken marriages, the broken families … are the curse of dating. God’s ideal pattern of how a person should find their mate is based on sound scriptural principles.

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Old Paths Baptist Mission © 2011 Richard St.James

The Betrothing Primer

Old Paths Baptist Mission © 2011 Richard St.James

Betrothing PrimerThere are many lives that have been ruined by the last century’s adoption of the practice of dating.

The broken marriages, the broken families … are the curse of dating. God’s ideal pattern of how a person should find their mate is based on sound scriptural principles.

Do you want God’s blessing in your marriage?

The Devil's Master Plan ... Dating!

"The tradition of dating began early in this century. It began as a deceptively benign little trickle. The first fruit of it was not so visible. Some of you who are older, no doubt, never experienced the worst of the awful scars we see in the generation coming up today.

These awful scars are manifested in so many lives by the loss of virtue, purity and a clean heart. The fornications, adulteries and the resulting broken homes and marriages have attested to the witness that this big MESS all started when we left off from the Bible precept of BETROTHING.

The practice of DATING started in the destructive wake of our national departure from our roots as a people who were founded on the precepts and principles of God's word ... The Holy Bible.

What then ... Is this thing called DATING

Dating is an appointment, or series of appointments, made by the young man and the young woman ... who have an interest in each other ... which involves a planned time, and a planned place ... together, and quite often, ALONE. This is NOT WISE!

I do not have to say why. It is obvious! More than this, the dating tradition does not have marriage to that person primarily in view. The Dating Practice is a series of "tasting relationships" where the young man or young woman gives away their purity degree by degree to others. Courting, on the other hand, is an act of a man wooing in love a woman, and has, as its primary goal ... betrothal and therefore, marriage. Courting is, therefore, NOBLE in its intentions.

In contrast, Dating is rooted in selfish goals and impure thoughts, and its horrible fruit (and I say ITS HORRIBLE FRUIT) is seen in the loss of purity and in defiled consciences, which hobble the future marriages, and produce the flood of broken homes.

What begins as a trickle … ends with a flood. Dating sacrifices on the "altar of the now" what God meant to be enjoyed on the "altar of the marriage covenant." Dating seeks the immediate fleshly satisfaction. Courting has the noble goal ... a lasting beautiful marriage. Dating is throwing your faith, purity and virtue away to yours, and your children's, DESTRUCTION.

God's Master Plan ... Betrothing!


We can say this. It has its origin in The Holy Bible, and is first seen in the book of Genesis in the story of Issac and Rebekah. Betrothing has marriage in view as the primary goal. In this view also is seen, through the eye of faith, Jesus Christ, who is to be the foundation of that marriage.

The Betrothing process includes the participation of the parents in the whole of the matter. The fathers are to be especially involved, being responsible for guiding and protecting the two young persons in this most awe-inspiring and important decision in their lives. The development of the special relationship between the two young persons should be promoted in this particular order.

1. The Spiritual Relationship
The spiritual relationship to God and each other should be the first bond developed, so as to be close, as possible, to the biblical ideal of betrothing.

2. The Friendship Relationship
This is where the two begin to get to know each other, becoming emotionally bonded. This will occur at appointed times, and always before the families of all involved. (Never are they to be alone together!)

3. The Physical Relationship
The physical relationship is to be last for good reason. Two becoming one flesh is the very essence and center of the marriage bond. "Therefore shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." (Genesis 2:24)

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