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"Here is a primer to the mechanics of music. There are four components to all music.

These four components are: the words, the melody, the harmony, and the rhythm.

Here are some principles and practical guidelines to be followed by the Christian.

The words should be easy to be understood, and they ought to be words that are biblical. Furthermore, these words need to proclaim a biblical truth (not some strange doctrine), and thus, bring a Bible message from God to the hearer.

The melody is the tune, and is meant to direct and to protect our spirit “to the praise of God.”

The harmony is to portray the peace of God in the human heart, and thus, it is aimed at the soul of man. It communicates REST (the Major chords) and will intimately affect our feelings.

The rhythm should be to the MARCH. The rhythm of the march is God’s appointed rhythm! Beware of the wrong rhythms. The rhythm should not be to the BOOGIE WOOGIE (which will make your body want to dance), or contain the BACKBEAT (which accents the two and four beat … like all Rock n roll) or the BREAKBEAT (the syncopation which is also called the OFFBEAT). These dance rhythms ACCENT in the wrong places according to Alan Ives, an evangelist who teaches Christian music. I will say it again!

The MARCH RHYTHM should be the ONLY rhythm in our Christian music. According to Alan Ives:

“Music should not be unholy, heartless, careless, low class, puny, stupid, sensual, selfish, ugly, boisterous, or baseless. Music should only aim us (THE CHRISTIAN) to “THE BEAUTIES OF HOLINES."

copied by permission from Sluice Box Adventures.com