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American Jews Who Worked for a Secular America Made a Fatal Error. Why, as a Jew, I vehemently oppose the de-Christianizing of America.

The heat is on: New Israeli-made thermal patch primed to save more lives on the battlefield.

Israel is preparing to flood the Hamas tunnel network in Gaza - report.

Jerusalem College of Technology students, and alumni develop solutions to protect Israel on home, and cyber fronts.

Israel-Hamas war brings Saudi normalization closer.

Israeli Operation to Drill the Secret Tunnel of Hamaz Commanders! Beginning of the End for Hamaz!

Israeli Fighter Jets Hit Pro-Iranian Group With Direct Hit! Navy Raid on Secret Headquarters!

BREAKING: IDF Forces ELIMINATE Hamas Leader, Gather Intel on Others | Israel-Hamas War | TBN Israel.

Unexpected End to Hamaz' A Team Commander! Israel Made Record Progress in Hours!

Hamas' Newest LONG Tunnel Collapses! Israel Corners Hamaz Underground!

A new study at the Gezer site proves Biblical accounts of David and Solomon.

The Making of Sadistic Terrorists: An Interview with Dr. Mordechai Kedar | The Caroline Glick Show.

Israel loved the Zionist cowboys because Jews won't come here - opinion.

Gallant says Hamas nears 'breaking point; daring operation to rescue hostages.

The Biden Regime’s Epic Betrayal of Israel.

PA will pay 9 released terrorists 19,500 shekels a month for life.

Red Cross reprimanded hostage families: 'Think about the Palestinians.'

“Former hostages are too afraid of Hamas threats to speak of their experiences,” a doctor reports.

Hamas Leader Threatens Israel: Oct. 7 ‘Was Just a Rehearsal.’

Israel issues severe travel warnings to dozens of countries amid rising antisemitism.
PA unfit to govern Gaza post-Hamas, White House says. ZAKA female volunteers picking up remains from massacre: 'I shower and still smell death.'

China-Linked Company Directly Paid Joe Biden, Latest Released Bank Records Show.

Survey shows almost half of Arab Israelis support IDF response to Hamas in Gaza.

Harvard whistleblower points to 'undisguised calls for the murder of Jews' after launch of federal probe.

Georgetown Prof: All Non-Muslims Had To Do To Be Equal Was Convert to Islam.
Washington cautious in sharing intel with Israel, says U.S. House Intelligence Chair. Liberal Americans 'wouldn't last a day under Hamas' says Israeli diplomat.⁠
Rep. Loudermilk: 'All' Jan. 6 Deposition Tapes Have Disappeared. Tucker Carlson is right: Voting for Trump is bigger than Trump vs. Biden.

USC Professor Denounces Hamas Nazis, Now He’s on Administrative Leave.

Two University of Texas teaching assistants were dismissed after sending an 'unacceptable' post to students about the Israel-Gaza war.

How George Soros funds anti-Semitism.

Bomb threats at dozen-plus New York synagogues.

Israel's UN ambassador slams Soros for donations to 'pro-Hamas groups' seeking destruction of Jewish state.

Sources: The US said it might not exercise UN veto unless Israel increases Gaza aid, and fuel.

Is the Diaspora Jewry's future in peril? Concerns rise as safety for Jews worldwide wanes. Is Israel prepared for mass absorption? Ofer Petersburg delves into the looming future.

Biden administration asks Congress' approval on Israeli tank shells for use in Gaza.


UCSD condemns campus antisemitism, then denies antisemitic event took place.

Hostage recalls meeting with Hamas leader in the tunnels during captivity.
Israeli academics outraged after top scientific journal calls Hamas 'militants. Saudi media says Israel confirmed strikes on Yemen.
Egyptian author, a liberal activist, forced to flee for backing Israel over Hamas.

Ynet reporter moves seasoned Fox anchor to tears over Abigail Edan.

Obama-era deal to allow Hamas office in Qatar backfired on US: experts.

Pope Francis describes Israel’s war on Hamas as genocidal “terrorism.” ⁠

Toronto reports a sharp rise in antisemitic incidents.

Don't Dismiss Trump II Middle-East policy.

‘Riot’ in Queens high school as anti-Israel students threaten, mob Jewish teacher.

A Last-Minute Order From Obama Enabled Nonstop Leaking On Trump From Intelligence Community | Truth Over News.

Israel is set to fight until the release of all hostages, if possible.

Pro-abortion extremist agrees to plead guilty to firebombing pro-life office on Mother's Day.

'I dreamt we came home,' says an Israeli girl released from Gaza.

Hamas's leader doesn't know or care how many hostages are still alive.

Listen to Muslim history you will learn and understand things better!

Lawrence Jones gets reaction to Hamas footage screening: 'Repeating of ISIS.'

October 7 massacre marks a tragic return to the roots of Zionism. 

Hamas: Some hostages could not be found for release.

Released hostage says he was held by UNRWA teacher in Gaza - report.

‘Antizionism’ is the most lethal form of antisemitism out there.

Hamas founder's son calls for Israel to kill his father if hostages not released.

Israel-Hamas war: Did Oct. 7 change Israeli left-wing views on peace?

BBC bans staff from attending London march against antisemitism. Don't believe us, believe Hamas' charter, which aims for the complete destruction of Israel.

Over 75% of students are dissatisfied with their university’s response to antisemitism.

Thai hostages: ‘Jewish hostages beaten with electric cables, held in worse conditions than us.’

PM Netanyahu shows Elon Musk the horrors of the Oct. 7 massacre in Kfar Aza.

Women held hostage by Hamas in Gaza kept in cages - report.

A little girl tells the truth: Hamas is “underneath, in tunnels, and we – the victims who are dying – are civilians.”

Report: Qatar tells Hamas to 'quit the games.' Red Cross would not answer their phones.

Millions of shekels in cash found during the Gaza operation were added to the treasury.

Why the Arabs 'Betrayed' the Palestinians.

Red Cross shows clear anti-Israel bias, Jerusalem Institute of Justice claims.

Biden About To Betray Israel?

Released terrorist hopes for more kidnappings to “empty the prisons” and bless Hamas for her freedom in exchange for Israeli hostages.

Nir Oz says 3 residents abducted in the Oct. 7 onslaught died in Hamas captivity.

Global women’s rights groups are silent as Israeli women testify about rapes by Hamas.

She refused to leave captivity without her husband; Hamas threatened to kill her.

84-year-old Elma still in critical condition, daughter furious at Red Cross: 'Refused to hand over meds.'

Released Palestinian terrorist refuses to leave Israeli jail.

Freed captives describe horrific ordeal in Hamas tunnels.

War is costing the economy some $600m a week due to work absence — Bank of Israel.
Iranian university students protest intensified suppression - report.

Hamas planned a ‘second phase’ for the Oct. 7 massacre.

13 Nov! 20 Creators of Hamaz Fell in the Tunnels! Israeli F-35s Erased Pro-Iranian Base Off Map!

Thousands of Secret Member Palestinians GOT STUCK & Helplessly Surrendered to Israeli Special Forces.

14 Nov! Iran Lost Its Mind! Carotid Artery of Pro-iranian Group is Ineffective! Israeli Jets Inside!

11 Nov! Israel Has Erased the Largest Fortress in History From Map! Bad End to Great Hamaz Commanders!

Media watchdog: Photojournalists were embedded with Oct 7 Hamas terrorists; may have had prior knowledge.

12 Nov! 3 Central Castles of Hamas Have Fallen! Coup That Cut Off Hamas's Connection With the World!

IDF: Terrorists fire RPGs from Gaza hospital entrance at troops, who kill 21 gunmen.

15 Nov! 40 Meter Deep Commander Tunnel Raided by Israeli Ferrets! Israeli Robots Are Entering!

Saudis help block anti-Israel measures at the Arab summit.

Israel Daily News - War Day 40, November 15, 2023.

Scientists announce that Noah’s Ark’s site shows human activity between 5500 and 3000 BCE.

17 Nov! Sponge Bomb Operation in Hamas's Secret Tunnel Center! All-out Israeli Attack on Gaza Harbor!

Palestinians can stop the war by overthrowing Hamas - opinion. Two million Palestinians vs 40,000 Hamas. Probably close to only 30,000 now.

What Saudi Arabia really thinks of Hamas.

Why was Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' found in the Hamas base in Gaza?

Israel's oldest gate offers a glimpse into ancient urbanization.

At age 12, Dor Shachar ran away from Gaza to live in Israel. What transpired was a journey that exposed a deep divide.

Whoever has a rifle, “shoot a Jew, or give it to Hamas!” - Palestinian students in Ramallah support Hamas.

'Israel protects us, especially now': Young Jews won't let war disrupt their Masa programs. Usually, it is a one-year program to live in Israel from all over the world.

Exclusive: Aliyah applications see a massive uptick in some countries in the wake of war.

Canary Mission links Tlaib to three more fundraisers with ties to Hamas.

Antisemitism kills. IDF forces found a copy of Hitler’s antisemitic work “Mein Kampf” in a child’s room 

Holocaust survivors call on Spielberg to condemn Hamas's massacre.

WATCH: Hamas blocks IDF fuel delivery to Gaza's Shifa Hospital.

Jews support the ideology of elimination.

'Palestine' takes part in world tourism fair, Israel absent.
Israelis killed on October 7 were denied Jewish burials due to halachic status.

Iranian dissidents make an impression at pro-Israel demonstrations worldwide.

Hamas operative boasts he ‘can leave with any ambulance,’ in call overheard by IDF. Putin’s Russia pushing disinformation on Gaza war, says Microsoft chief.
As Gaza collapses, Hamas leaders make billions abroad. Hamas armed wing says it discussed freeing 70 hostages in return for 5-day truce.⁠
Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Religious Affairs’ Controversial Document Revealed.

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Hamas Terrorist Tunnel Under Rantisi Hospital in Gaza.

Saudi's MBS Commits to Ongoing Israel Normalization Talks.

Israeli satire mocks “Woke” support for Islamists. Satire Video

First, Archaeologists Extract the DNA of Ancient Israelites.

Finland signs NIS 1.3b David's Sling deal.
ANALYSIS: Why Israel was caught off-guard by Hamas on October 7.

Israel calls on Hamas to surrender the Shifa hospital base as the US strikes Iran proxies in Syria.

Douglas Murray: 'Since Hamas massacre, I've tried to remind people who the aggressors are here'. Video Pro-Life Must Mean Anti-Hamas.

LISTEN: 'Your son killed 10 Jews,' Hamas terrorist tells Gazan parents.

21 kids from 13 families without parents after Hamas attack; one is 4-year-old hostage.
LISTEN: Hamas blocks road to Gazans fleeing- 'They're shooting at people.' Hamas terrorists: We were told 'whoever brings a hostage gets $10,000.'
IDF carries out airstrike on terror cell at Jenin mosque planning ‘murderous attack’.

Kill, behead, rape: Interrogated Hamas members detail atrocities against civilians.

Report: Hamas Fighters Trained in Iran Before Oct. 7 Attack. Gaza tunnels, terrorist infrastructure uncovered by Israeli geologist.
Veteran voice actress fired from animated show over Israel-Hamas posts: 'Just found out on Twitter!' Points for Palestine: US lecturer offers students extra credit for anti-Israel efforts.
Blame directed at Tlaib after Detroit Synagogue president murdered. Police claim there is no link to anti-semitism. US said concerned Israel lacks achievable goals for Gaza op and that IDF not ready. Is Biden and his administraion start to show their true colors?
Death toll in Gaza hospital blast was greatly exaggerated - independent intel. Israeli girl with autism thought kidnapped by Hamas found dead.
As Biden Turns against Israel, Netanyahu Must Stand Strong. Taibe bike shop torched after Arab Israeli owner donates bikes to Jews.
Fact check: Biden says Hamas doesn’t represent Palestinians. Is that true? Protesters on Capitol Hill against Israel's 'genocide' in Gaza wore talits. I wonder if these people traveled to Gaza, Iran, Yemen, and Qatar and showed their support would be any more welcome than the German Jews who served in Hilter's Army and were sent to the Labor and Death Camps for their patriotism.
Foreign media has given unprecedented access to the forensic institute, to witness atrocities. Israeli victims’ credit cards were reportedly abused by terrorists after Hamas onslaught.
Hamas in the Bible? Did you know that Hamas appears by name in Scripture? It’s right there in the Book of Genesis! It's official: Israelis can now enter the US without a visa. Call me cynical. They have talked about this happening soon, but I believe this is totally political in its timing,
New Discovery Changes Story of King Hazael’s Attack on Biblical Gath. Hidden camera video shows Texas law firm advising teachers how to 'circumvent' CRT ban: watchdog group.
Trump Speech Live | Trump Blames Joe Biden For Israel-Hamas Conflict. After the Gaza war: What will reality look like for Israel?
Greta Thunberg calls on the world to 'Stand with Gaza.' Are climate activists terrorists?

Judith and Natalie Ra'anan freed, Biden thanks Israel, Qatar speaks to family, meds enter Gaza.

'Kill hostages expected to resist' Hamas' hostage-taking handbook uncovered. Did the Hamas attack signal the beginning of Gog and Magog?

El-Sisi Rejects US-Israeli Proposal for North Sinai Refuge for Gazans.

This is the drug Hamas terrorists took to help them slaughter Israelis. Captagon pills were found in the pockets of Hamas terrorists.
Why Egypt and other Arab countries are unwilling to take in Palestinian refugees from Gaza. How Iran used the Gaza hospital strike to spread anti-Israel, US propaganda.

LISTEN: IDF shares classified audio of Hamas terrorists on Gaza hospital blast.

A life forever changed: I'm no longer your average 15-year-old.

Islamic Jihad misfired rocket strikes Gaza hospital, killing hundreds - IDF

Former Israeli PM mic drops on CNN over media coverage of Gaza hospital bombing: 'Do your job and show the truth.'
Codex Sassoon, the world's oldest Bible, arrives in Israel in a complex operation. Close to two million Israelis are currently ineligible for US visa waiver.
Sarcophagi discovered in Roman-era cemetery in Gaza Strip. “The Palestinian problem is no longer our concern.”
The Palestinian Authority admits there’s no ‘Israeli occupation.’  Q's workshop: How the IDF is developing James Bond-style gadgets for operators.
Messianic Jew denied Israeli citizenship, accused of missionary work. This Israel must rely only on itself when it comes to existential threats.
A new model allows doctors to predict lung cancer in smokers with 85% accuracy. Air taxis fly over Jerusalem for 1st time as Israel builds an airspace network of drones.
Israeli study finds new way to combat severe crop disease. Afghan resistance leader wants Israel's help in fighting the Taliban. Since they know the current US Administration has shown their uselessness?
In a stunning reversal, Pennsylvania school board bans boys from using girls' bathrooms following student walkout and successful pressure campaign. MRNA Detected in Breast Milk After COVID-19 Vaccination Can Be Passed on to Infants: New Study.
COVID Vaccine Mandates Begin in Red State.

The US military discharged over 8,000 service members who rejected the COVID-19 shot. Only 43 have rejoined.

Army plans ‘sweeping changes’ to recruiting after struggling to meet end-strength goal. Israeli man arrested for attempting to sacrifice sheep on Temple Mount.
Water libation reenactment followed by full-dress Levite rehearsal. Jerusalem March unites Christians from 90 countries in a grand display of faith.
Saudi Arabia unveils a $1 billion tourism and hospitality school in Riyadh. Israeli hospital refuses to register newborn of a couple wed outside of Chief Rabbinate.
Israel Should Decline the Offer of an American Defense Treaty. Israelis to fly visa-free to the United States, FM Cohen says.
Route 60 shatters box-office expectations. Israel’s ambassador to the UN was detained after leaving the General Assembly to protest the Iranian president’s speech.
Biden State Dept funds group with ties to Palestinian Islamic Jihad. New York Stock Exchange draped in Israel's national colors | Watch.
UFC star hoists Bible, prays with an opponent after the bout, claims Maui fires were 'man-made': 'Satan is taking over this earth.' Pollard: Visa Waiver Program is a trojan horse of the US gov’t.
Americans have 'too much freedom to speak freely,' one-third of Democrats say: Poll. CDC Refuses to Release Updated Information on Post-COVID Vaccination Heart Inflammation.
ICEJ’s Feast of Tabernacles comes under a cloud of unfounded suspicion of missionizing. Appeals Court blocks Iowa school district rule punishing students who ignore gender pronoun preferences.
Rare 3,800-year-old passageway and vault found in northern Israel. In 1973, Biden reassured Israel. ‘Egypt won’t Attack. On Yom Kippur Egypt Attacked.

In a historic first, the tourism minister arrives in Saudi Arabia​​​​​​.

King Hezekiah's riddle: Has the ancient royal inscription finally been cracked?
Israel uncovers Second Temple-era stone workshop in West Bank.

Will the Israel-Saudi deal be finalized?

Ultra-Orthodox Jews are a cancer to Israeli society, a radio presenter says.

The Palestinians will not stop normalization with Saudi Arabia.

Why is Israel under a microscope, but the Palestinians aren’t? Israel's population 9.8m on eve of 5784.
'Ever since I made Aliyah, I see miracles around me every day.' Transform your life with the simple act of gratitude.

Mahmoud Abbas, 'You are a liar, a hypocrite, and guilty of genocide.'

Dennis Prager Fireside Chat: What Does God Care About Most?
Palestinian Authority doubles salary of terrorist who murdered Ari Fuld.

Netanyahu: Anti-reform protesters helping PLO, Iran.

Israel unveils IDF's new AI-powered 'Barak' super tank. Christian politician learns the EU is funding Arab terror: “My eyes were opened.”
Israeli researchers developed a noninvasive method to assess iron levels in brain. Israel makes cancer treatment breakthrough with genomic profiling.
FDA Refuses to Change Anti-Ivermectin Statements After Court Ruling. The MLB has more Jewish players than ever.

‘HiTOPS’ Nonprofit Sneaks Sexual and LGBTQ+ Curriculum into Schools, Admits Goal to Strip Parents of Opt-Out Rights.

TikTok activists received $300K from George Soros to support Biden to push a radical leftist agenda on young people. Ivy League school under fire for hosting 'antisemitic' writers festival.
Catholic theologian acknowledges archaeologists found Biblical Sodom. Abbas softens demands on Israel, paving the way for a Saudi peace deal.
Uncovered Vatican letter confirms Pope was aware of the Holocaust.  
World leaders announce railway that may bring pilgrims to Third Temple. What is your brain's iron level? New Israeli non-invasive tech can find out.
Will lab-grown meat be brought to the Third Temple as an animal sacrifice? Israelis find breakthrough treatment for cancer patients' severe itching.
Foreign aid as a means of Western neocolonialism. How are COVID-19 and autoimmune diseases linked?
Route 60 biblical highway: Journey through the heart of the Holy Land. Air taxis fly over Jerusalem for 1st time as Israel builds an airspace network of drones.
Jericho is NOT a Palestinian Heritage Site. Congress Should Block Any UNESCO Funding. Elbit debuts next-gen turret mortar system at London exhibition.
Cache of rare Roman weapons found in historic Judean Desert haul. 16 tons of rocket-making material destined for Gaza seized in Ashdod Port.
‘Rabbi, why are most Jews liberals?’ Israel takes home 5 medals in first time at Invictus Games.
Ukrainian intelligence warns Jewish pilgrims Russia poised to strike holy site. Black, white people must defeat Jewish enemy - former US lawmaker.

Biden admin paves the way for Iran deal worth $6 billion.

A lawsuit alleges that the California school district illegally approved ‘antisemitic’ ethnic studies.
How the Biden Administration Is Trying to Bribe the Palestinians. Israelis in Cyprus are accused of rape – but not all Israelis are Jews. The initial allegations of a British woman raped by Israelis in Cyprus left out a small, but important detail. They are Arab - Israelis.
United Nations declares US-Mexico border the deadliest land migrant route in the world. UPenn holds anti-Israel festival during Jewish holidays.
Families of terror victims sue to block release of $40 billion in frozen Iran funds. I am a Muslim who supports Ben-Gvir.
Rare find of Roman swords in Israeli cave leave experts with 'more questions than answers.' Israeli researchers receive $3.5 million from European Research Council.
US, Saudi Arabia, India discuss possible Middle East rail, port deal. Israel to ink a major energy deal with Cyprus and Greece.
Sharp rise in cancer in youths and young adults, study finds. Israel’s Top Defense Companies to Showcase at DSEI 2023.
Medical miracle: Israeli surgeons reconstruct woman's tumor-ravaged face. European Union condemns Mahmoud Abbas for 'fueling antisemitism.'
American-Israelis say unable to shed U.S. citizenship. After forfeiting the Shabbat match, Israel goes on to win the flag football championship.
Citing ‘God of Israel,’ Papua New Guinea becomes 5th nation to open the Jerusalem embassy. Senate Democrats Block Ohio Lawmaker’s Bill to Prohibit Federal Mask Mandates.
New report: Antisemitic crimes rose 28% in 21 US cities in 2022. Pennsylvania's Democratic governor set to cut off state funds to non-profits that care for women who choose not to kill their babies: 'Shapiro is choosing extremism.'
California Legislators Approve New Gun And Ammo Tax. Soros Foundation Worries Trump Will Win in 2024 and 'Imperil' Globalism.
Biden’s Army, Air Force, and Navy Secretaries Say They’ll Go On Putting Abortion Ahead of National Security. 75,000 illegal immigrants were flagged as having possible ties to terrorism in the last year, according to CBP data.

Vivek Ramaswamy goes on a podcast of a YouTuber who said Jews ‘own almost everything.’

Redeciphered First Temple inscription may shed light on the biblical ‘Valley of Salt.’
Chinese nationals posing as tourists breached US military bases and other sites, raising espionage concerns: Report. Rabbi Glick to lead Mount of Olives Shofar “Creation” event manifesting Prophecy of Joel.
Palestinian construction destroying Joshua’s Altar on Mount Ebal. Israel to build hydrogen pipeline to Gulf countries, Europe - energy minister.
Israel declassifies massive archive to mark 50th anniversary of Yom Kippur War. From chaos to connectivity: Israel's top 6 infrastructure priorities.
Young Israeli Christians prepare for IDF service. Not science fiction: Israeli researchers created embryo models in a lab.
Newly studied documents named Jews aided by Catholics in Nazi-occupied Rome. This is referencing individuals versus the Catholic church.  
Why hasn’t Netanyahu stopped the widening Israel-Evangelical schism?

Sierra Leone to open an embassy in Jerusalem.

Blame the Jews for everything. Fatah takes credit and celebrates murder of Israeli this morning.
Palestinian terrorists shoot up an Arab school for teaching Israeli curriculum. Rare blue supermoon to appear with Messianic undertones.
Israeli company nears final hurdle to okay insulin-based preemie therapy. Israel’s cost of living is the highest among OECD countries in 2022, data shows.
In global first, Shaare Zedek spine surgeon combines augmented reality with robotics. Israel's airports conclude the busiest summer in history.
Taking vitamins may increase risk of cancers - study. IDF spy plane makes first test flight.
US Marines plan to procure 3 Iron Dome batteries, and nearly 2,000 interceptor missiles. Israel to have partial laser defenses by next year.
Washington Post has a coffee date with ‘good terrorists.’ Chinese firms invest heavily in Israel – and are eager to do more.
Biden Admin Admits Vaccine Error: No Evidence Behind Recommendations. Iranian weightlifter banned from sport after shaking Israeli's hand.
Biden Staffer Met With Member of Jack Smith's Team Before Trump Indictment.

Former Biden Transition Official Andrew Lorenzen-Strait Describes His “Corrupt Bargain” Scheme; Brokering Massive $2 Billion Immigration Contracts with Federal Government.

City of David canals leave archeologists with more questions than answers. Former Biden Official Andrew Lorenzen-Strait Reveals NYC Migrant Contract With Mayor Eric Adams Went “Horribly Wrong.” Reveals Contract Was The Result of Politics Not Good Policy | BREAKING PART 2.
Papua New Guinea to open Jerusalem embassy. A 300-meter stretch of aqueduct from the late Second Temple period was uncovered in Jerusalem.
Hunter Biden prays in a synagogue for God’s justice. And, indeed, I have observed under the sun: Alongside justice, there is wickedness, Alongside righteousness there is wickedness.

Dissecting the George Soros agenda. And a look at what it’s got to do with Israel, social division in the Jewish state, and the impact on American-Jewish support.

Frozen $6 billion in Iranian profits transferred to Switzerland. Is this insane?

6 Jewish things to know about Vivek Ramaswamy, the GOP candidate who suggested ending aid to Israel.

The Border Patrol sees over an 800% increase in Chinese illegal immigrants at the southern border since 2022. Russia's Luna-25 smashes into the moon in failure.
Record-breaking egg-laying sea turtle returns to Israel after 3 years. Is it caused by global warming? JFNA beefs up security for Jewish summer camps amid antisemitism. We aren't talking about Israel.
Tiny sensors allow this ALS patient to communicate. How Latin America is being shaped by Israeli innovation.
Study reveals links between vaccination and Alzheimer's. Exposure to these chemicals during pregnancy can impact your baby - study.
Will Israel's government crash and burn due to Haredi draft issue? Jerusalem doctors carry out revolutionary AR robotic spinal surgery.
Two-thirds of Ethiopian immigrants to Israel are Christian – report. Despite the highly mutated variant, officials are not concerned about COVID.
Normalization Deal May See Saudis Replace Jordan as Custodians of Temple Mount. War through the lens: The Yom Kippur War like never seen before.
  Ramaswamy touts an end to U.S. aid to Israel.
The Sons of Jacob Promised Return Series – The Tribe of Dan. Ancient 5,500-year-old gate uncovered in south of Israel.
Remains of medieval synagogue discovered in Poland. Reporter’s United flight discrimination claim intensifies gender segregation debate.
Five reasons Jews should worry about Jack Lew as ambassador to Israel. Most Israelis do not trust mainstream media.
Russians nearly fall victim to Israeli strike on Iran, report. Prophet or profit? Do they practice what they preach?
Israeli doctors restore eyesight of girl with degenerative disease. Theory of ‘YHWH’ embedded in DNA debunked.
Israeli study may open the door to preventing relapse of certain types of lung cancer. Israeli smart water leak detection startup raises $35 million from funding round.
Australian Christian groups protest the government aligning with Israel’s enemies. Israel’s ReWalk snaps up AlterG for $19 million in profitability push.
Donald Trump and the Biblical Definition of Justice. Jihad in Austria: 'Christians Must Die.'
Iran and Saudi Arabia: Diplomatic ice age continues. Biden’s Iran Envoy to Teach at Princeton While FBI Investigates Him for Mishandling Classified Info.
American Medical Association Suggests Taxpayers Fund $300K Uterus Transplants For Trans Women. Biden Admin Pushes Plea Deal to Spare 9/11 Mastermind the Death Penalty.
How the Biden administration is encouraging more Iranian terrorism. State Department says funds to Iran will only be humanitarian; Regime disagrees.
In northern Israel, a massive 3,800-year-old monument stuns and stumps archaeologists. The Armageddon Mosaic And What it Says About Israel’s Relationship With Evangelical Christians.
Israeli tourists attacked in Berlin after speaking Hebrew in public. This is unfortunate, but in all our security meetings with athletes traveling going abroad, this is highly stressed to only speak English and no clothing with any Hebrew or Israel. Israeli trial shows better milk quality in cows without antibiotics.
El Al in negotiations to buy Airbus jets in potentially historic shift. This common medication may lead to dementia - study.
The Real Reason Palestinians Do Not Have a Free Media. Israeli co. unveils clean heat system with 97-99% efficiency.
Tucker Releases Full Interview With Ex-Hunter Biden Business Partner, Devon Archer. A 15-year-old terrorist proclaimed his choice to die for Allah just hours before his terror attack.
FBI Agent Who Spearheaded False ‘RussiaGate’ Trump Connection To Plead Guilty For Illegally Working For Russian Oligarch. Swimming with a whale shark off the coast of Eilat.
Australia will refer to West Bank as ‘occupied Palestinian territories.' Ignore President Biden, Here’s What’s Really Happening in Israel.
Reporter Simon Ateba sues White House in a fight for press freedom after 440 journalists stripped of hard-pass credentials. Hakeem Jeffries says judicial legislation won’t affect US aid, during Israel visit.
Is the Kentucky Ark more popular than Noah’s original? Iran, Russia Evade Sanctions; Biden Administration 'Funding Both Sides of Ukraine War.'
Vermont Law Bans Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers From Counseling Women. Michigan state senator apologizes for visit to Israel.
Israel's Chief Rabbinate has become a hereditary monarchy - opinion. German church refuses to remove antisemitic Judensau carving.
Tourism to Israel is booming again. Nearly 4 million visitors are expected this year. Blood libel to be taught at Princeton.
Huckabee at IHF & INN event: The land is 'occupied' by those who have the title deed to it. Massachusetts Won’t Let Couple Foster Children Because of Their Catholic Beliefs.
US expects Israeli-Saudi normalization within a year - report. Haifa among top 3 cruise destinations in the world for 2023.
A Dying Breed: Pro-Israel Democrats to come to visit. ‘I’m truly Jewish now.’
Yeshiva University Opens Master’s Program for Christians. Risky promises: Biden's Saudi normalization may cost Israel dearly.
Israeli study finds biological treatment effective for lung cancer. Who is funding Israel's judicial reform protests?
Israel unveils miniature human heart model to transform drug testing. Intelligence minister asks Christian Zionists to ‘share the truth’ about Israel.
Never-before-seen footage of Nazi death train liberation unearthed 78 years later.  
Storm devastates Washington as Biden admin—plans for Israel to concede land.

The man who uncovers Jewish history in Jerusalem.

Look what the PA is hiding from the US and Britain. Biden admin. advances Saudi talks, may mean replacing Netanyahu gov’t.
The US approves €316 million sale of Israel's David's Sling missiles to Finland. Democrats advance anti-Bibi/anti-judicial reform resolution.
Meet 007: The cell with a license to kill cancer, created by an Israeli startup. A newly found video shows moments US troops saved thousands of Jews from a Nazi train.
Amazon to invest $7.2B in Israel, launches Tel Aviv data centers. Why it would be better for Israel if Iran enriched to 90% now.
Male, female brain cells react differently to stress - Israeli study. Laser air defenses coming to Israeli border communities soon.
Ashley Biden Confirms Famed Diary Is Hers & The Full Story Behind The FBI Raids On American Journalists. Israelis develop energy making powder.
B’nai Brith Canada expresses concern after new data shows Jews remain the most targeted religious minority in Canada. Making salty water sweet: New breakthrough boosts crop growth.
After-school Bible Club Wins Discrimination Claim in Rhode Island. Years in the baking, Israeli doctor’s cookies could take a bite out of peanut allergies.
Hebrew Media Claims Christians Brought Red Heifer to Israel to Establish Antichrist. In what it says is world first, Hadassah's medical team saves the fetus’s twisted ovaries.
William Henry Hechler: A Christian Prophet of the Jewish State. Fresno Lab: China's Operation to Exterminate Americans.
Israeli archaeologists unearth building destroyed during the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem. Christian arrested while reading Bible on loudspeaker near 'family'-friendly Pride event: Video.
High-speed rail to bring pilgrims from Saudi Arabia to Third Temple by 2040.  
Biden mulls Saudi deal forcing Netanyahu to abandon extremists - NYT. Prophecy fulfilled? Foxes spotted in Jerusalem’s Old City on Tisha B’av.
200,000 rally for judicial reform in Tel Aviv. Bipartisan lawmakers call on Biden to end PA’s ‘pay for slay.’
What the ‘reasonableness’ law does — and doesn’t — mean for judicial overhaul. Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum introduces virtual tour.
The Lost Jews Of The Inquisition: We Must Not Forget. Sweden approves Torah burning in Stockholm outside Israeli embassy.
German journalist and vocal Israel critic revealed to have lied about being Jewish. New expeditions to a 2,000-year-old sunken vessel.
Israel Receives Three New F-35 Fighter Jets. Scientists accidentally discover self-repairing metal – study.
Genetic defects in nerve cells of autistic children develop quickly, Haifa U. finds. The study found a recurrence of this phenomenon among children with autism originating in four different types of genetic mutations. Maker of Oakley and Ray-Ban sunglasses buys Israeli hearing tech startup Nuance.
Subclinical Heart Damage More Prevalent Than Thought After Moderna Vaccination: Study. FDA approves RSV vaccine for infants.
A young adult woman gets just 90 days in jail for aborting a viable unborn child, burning its body. Spain elections may result in far-right government, 1st since Franco.
Senior PA security official: Hamas, PIJ recruiting youth ‘with nothing to live for.’ Doctor critical of vaccines has personal, and business bank accounts abruptly terminated by Chase — executives' accounts also shut down.
After-school Bible Club Wins Discrimination Claim in Rhode Island. Intelligence agency funding research to merge AI with human brain cells.
  My final Tisha B’Av. I was convinced that Tisha B’av would be the final fast day before the reinstitution of the Temple Service.
Executive Director of Siemens Energy Admits Green Energy is Duplicitous; Engages in 'Marketing Fluff.'  DOJ Sued For Failing To Register Hunter Biden As A Foreign Agent.
Are Iran, the West still moving toward unofficial nuclear understanding? Are Iran, the West still moving toward unofficial nuclear understanding?
The US Government's New 'Ministry of Truth': The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. Zack Gelof becomes the 18th Jewish MLB player this year — a likely record.
Netanyahu discusses investments in Israel with Boeing chief. Mannose sugar kills honeybees, but it could also help fight cancer.
Israeli researchers use stem cells in search for treatment of Huntington's disease. Israel's NurExone Biologic develops unique nasal treatments for spinal cord injuries.
On the other side of the reform struggle that nobody reports on, 80,000 IDF reservists published an open letter in which they spoke out against their comrades refusing to serve. Israeli startup uses AI to help doctors image and diagnose cardiac issues in minutes.
PA: No plans to disarm Jenin's armed group. No more 'monkeys' and 'pigs': Anti-Israeli content removed from textbooks in Saudi Arabia.
Marine excavations offer a glimpse into ancient history preserved under the sea. Is US visa waiver in danger? 'Decision lies with US political echelon.'
The empty tomb. “I knew that Jesus wasn’t there,” a Jewish believer confesses. Herzog flew to the US to heal the Biden-Netanyahu rift. Instead, he exposed its depth.
Israel denies NYT account of Biden-Netanyahu conversation. Israel to Protect Archaeological Sites in Judea and Samaria.
Israel denies NYT account of Biden-Netanyahu conversation. The Sons of Jacob Promised Return Series – The Tribe of Reuben.
U.S. Democratic Congresswoman apologizes for calling Israel 'racist.' The US is losing Israel. Israel might reassess the value of being tied too closely to an unreliable and often fickle ally.
Christian arrested after trying to quote Bible to Pride rally attendees sues city for violating his constitutional rights. Biden Calls Jesse Jackson, With Long History of Jew-Hatred, a ‘Man of God.’
  Israel’s Defiance of US Pressure. American officials might not like strong Israeli leaders, but they do respect them. Is the current administration?
‘A nightmare’: US passport crunch for dual citizens in Israel among most severe. 2 killed in gunfire exchange near US consulate in Saudi Arabia.
Iran’s shadow war. 8-year-old congratulates 15-year-old cousin on her “Martyrdom-death”: “1,000 times congratulations.”
Revolutionizing diabetes treatment: Israeli firm makes progress on the micro pancreas. The number of Arab women graduates doubled in a decade.
Israel plans to build undersea electricity cable linking to grids in Europe and Gulf. In bid to cure rare disease, scientists discover treatment for statin side effects.
Israel earmarks NIS 113 million to build an R&D center for chip-based biodevices. Robotic deliveries, 3D-printed organs: Israel seeks to bring the future closer.
I donated a kidney to an Arab citizen - a Jewish and Zionist act. Nobel Laureate Physicist Calls Climate Emergency a “Dangerous Corruption of Science.”
Israel protests as Sweden allows Torah burning outside the embassy on Saturday. Pits with weapons and explosives were found in Jenin mosque.
Trump taunts Netanyahu for not being invited by Biden to Washington. Liberal Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor's taxpayer-funded staff repeatedly pressured schools and libraries to buy her books: Report.
A second-grade teacher sent an Afro wig, and white face paint to a 'mixed race' student, parents allege in new lawsuit. Groff v. DeJoy is the rare Supreme Court decision that every Jew can celebrate.
Is Erdoğan Hoping to Bring 84 Million Turks into Europe? Republicans double down on Israel support, Democrats become even more anti-Israel.
Video Series: A thought-provoking conversation on the state of Jewish-Christian relations. Israeli political leaders denounce Biden’s ‘extreme’ remarks.
Israeli prof. comes forward as whistleblower against Biden family. The outgoing US Ambassador approved nearly $1 million to support delegitimizing Israel.
Abbas visits Jenin for the first time in almost 20 years. The Palestinian leader visits the West Bank city, a known Islamic stronghold, following the IDF raid that decimated the local terror infrastructure.  
IDF seeks to shatter Jenin’s role as a terrorist safe haven. a tunnel linked a Jenin terror mosque to a kindergarten.
At Aspen Idea Fest: Biden Administration talks antisemitism but Omits Israel. The test can predict which drugs will benefit individual cancer patients, and which will not.
Israel to procure 25 more F-35 stealth fighter jets. Israel to get third pipeline from Leviathan offshore gas field.
In a first, Hebrew U. lab induces placenta cells, boosting pregnancy disorder research. At first, the Hebrew U. lab induces placenta cells, boosting pregnancy disorder research.
Pits with weapons and explosives were found in Jenin mosque. Israeli discovery could help brain block urge for highly addictive fentanyl.
Israel continues the Jenin operation after unearthing 550 extra-powerful Palestinian bombs. Hadassah surgeons reattach a boy’s head to his neck after internal decapitation.
Startup to build a factory for ‘wearable’ that tracks oxygen consumption through sweat. Israeli documentary about Hezbollah, drug trafficking airs in Saudi Arabia.
‘Sound Of Freedom’ Steals The Spotlight From Brand-New Indiana Jones Film. Rabbi Yaakov Menken: American Govt Biased Against Israel.
'America's Darkest Secret': Sex Trafficking, Child Abuse, and the Biden Administration. Video: Border Patrol agent cuts razor wire installed by Texas to deter illegal crossings — then allows migrants to enter private property.
Is Biden Encouraging America's Enemies? Biden’s Anti-Semitism Czar Condemns Israel, Not Anti-Semites. Lipstadt condemned three countries. One of them was Israel.
Biden Admin. issues report: Plan to block sun to counter global warming. ‘Where To?’: Gilgal And Spiritual Orientation – Pt.2.
Exodus II. Spike in worldwide antisemitism sparks mass emigration. Christians worry growing protests against ‘missionaries’ will soon turn bloody.
In 30 years, 1 out of every 3 students in Israel will be ultra-Orthodox.

Netanyahu sails with open eyes into a confrontation with Biden.

Netanyahu to visit China gave Biden advance notice of the trip.

Senior US Jewish leader slams Biden for ‘boycotting’ Netanyahu, meeting with tyrants.
Israeli Minister Takes On Foreign Media ‘Fake News.’ Mossad says it caught Cyprus terror plot assassin in Iran, airs clip of confession.
Israeli defense exports reach new peak. Hundreds of old Merkava tanks on the way to Europe under historic deal.
Rafael unveils hypersonic missile interceptor. At first, the Hebrew U. lab induces placenta cells, boosting pregnancy disorder research.
Israeli discovery could help brain block urge for highly addictive fentanyl. The Palestinians No One Talks About.
Abbas’ Advisor: Arab participation in Jerusalem municipal elections is a “betrayal of Allah” and “a crime.” Israel is the second-most pro-America country in the world, poll finds.
UN rolls out AI-powered tools to help nations stamp down so-called 'misinformation, disinformation, and hate speech.' Nazi-smuggling submarine found in Argentina causes an international stir.
U.S. ends technological cooperation with Israel outside Green Line - report. Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs signs an order to allow state employee health coverage for gender-transition surgeries.
Massachusetts DA’s Office Suspends Allah for Anti-Semitism. They hired a former Nation of Islam gang member. What could go wrong? Israel and the Almost Russian Civil War. “We saved Assad; we will save Putin too,” the Iranian Revolutionary Guard promised.
US to send 'secret weapon' ATACMS missiles to fight Russia in Ukraine - WSJ. Germany's far-right AfD party secures historic victory in local election.
Unable to rely on wind and solar, Sweden ditches its 100% renewable target and bets big on nuclear power. A site near Haifa was a Phoenician factory for producing Biblical blue dye.
A passionate plea to Christians to repent for Christianity’s pride…by Christians. “Messiah Will Come Before I Join Netanyahu!” Heated political debate in Israel again focuses on “Messianic Jews” and a religious government with an eye toward prophetic fulfillment.
The study reveals city planning in Judah under King David. Over 13,000 Russian families waiting to immigrate to Israel.
A web of biblical cities depicts King David as a major ruler, says an Israeli archaeologist.  
“The Time Has Come”: Jews Arrested En Route to Temple Mount Sacrifice. Ancient floral mosaic floor along Israel National Trail recovered after 40 years.
US Ambassador Slammed for Equating Jewish Victims to Hamas Terrorists. The ‘Israel First’ Principle.
The ties that bind Israel, Greece, and Cyprus - analysis. Permanent UN probe demonstrates anti-Israel bias, 27 nations say.
Major importer insists Israeli cost of living is not exorbitant. Skin samples can become a human placenta, Israeli researchers find in new breakthrough.
Israel unveils new $1 billion spy plane at Paris Air Show. Space Florida and Israel Innovation Authority announce winners of a $2 million funding round.
Six startups make World Economic Forum tech pioneers list. The dark side of medications: These drugs do more harm than good.
Ben-Gurion Airport expected to break records this summer. Israeli man diagnosed with monkeypox despite being twice vaccinated.
What’s behind the escalating Palestinian terror offensive. Conference: Unmasking Jew-Hatred Within the Palestinian National Movement.
Israel will be overthrown by Palestinian resistance, Iran tells Hamas. Biden admin. won't acknowledge Iran deal explicitly to skirt Congress - analysis.
Teaching about the Holocaust? This is the best way how - opinion. Israeli exports of carrots, potatoes breaking records.
Emails reveal Biden administration knew that vaccines had breakthrough infections as early as January 2021, but imposed mandates anyway. SCOTUS declines Christian college's appeal to fight Biden admin's transgender housing directive in advance.
US government funds a $3.3 million grant pushing woke initiatives in Caribbean countries — including teaching psychologists 'gender affirmation' care and providing journalists with LGBT-inclusive language guide. Pics Peg Hunter Biden at Joe's House During WhatsApp Banter.
Glimpsing the messiah in the Emirates - opinion. This Jew loves Christian support for Israel.
Biblical Highway: Activists want to create 'Route 60' in Israel and West Bank. US, Iran close to reaching ‘informal, unwritten agreement.’
Solving biblical mysteries and hiking the holy land. Leading Rabbi: Jews who harass Christians are not Torah observant. It is a sin.
Top Israeli security expert releases new Gaza victory plan. Evangelical leader decries mainstream church efforts to malign Israel.
In a breakthrough, Israeli scientists say they synthesized human embryos from stem cells. PA Leader: Palestinian Neanderthals Lived on Mt. Carmel. Have they evolved in 60,000 years? Does the koran teach evolution?
Tachles With Aviel – Israel’s Arms Exports Are Booming! The Theory of Evolution: A False Religion Bringing the West to Destruction.
A new Israeli study shows a link between autism and nitric oxide levels in brain neurons. It's a deal: Germany will purchase Israel's Arrow defense system for 4.3 billion euros.

Likelihood of U.S.-Iran agreement on nuclear program increasing, senior Israeli officials say.

Elbit unveils new capabilities to counter drones, anti-aircraft missiles.
An Iran arrangement would not obligate Israel, Netanyahu tells Blinken. Despite outrage over the arrest of a man who tried to quote the Bible at Pride rally, city council members back police: 'There are parameters of decency and civility.'
Spanish politician resigns after calling Jewish rival a 'Nazi Jew.' Israeli CPAT treatment reduces ADHD symptoms in 1 out of 3 children - study.
Iran attempted to get UK universities to help drone program - analysis. BlackRock snaps up provider of loans to Israeli and European startups.
'Fixing our eyes on Christ': ESPN reporter asks nat'l champion Oklahoma softball players how they maintain 'joy' — and they all point to Jesus. Israel defeats South Korea 3-1 for 3rd place in U20 World Cup.
Israel fears US arms in Ukraine will end up in Iranian hands. Teenager arrested for attempting to hire hitman to kill 7-year-old.
Likud MK presents a plan to divide Temple Mount between Jews and Muslims. AI can create a 'new Bible,' influential author declares: 'In a few years, there might be religions that are actually correct.'
EVIDENCE FOR THE QUEEN OF SHEBA’S VISIT TO KING SOLOMON? US said it set to rejoin the UN cultural agency UNESCO, 6 years after Trump withdrew from it, because of haterade for Israel.
With 100,000 olim in 17 months, aliyah to Israel at a 30-year high - panel. Israel Boycotts Conference on Harassment of Christians in Jerusalem.
Israel to test eased entry for Palestinian-Americans before landing US visa waiver. 75 words for 75 years of Israel – Mishkan/Tabernacle.
Joe Biden’s sop to the Jews. Lebanese Christians who allied with Israel are grateful but remain lonely and scared.
Cherries from the desert. After five years of attempts to grow cherries in the Negev, the trees near Mitzpe Ramon bear fruit. Ehud Barak’s complicated position in Israeli politics and industry.
Israeli-built aerial warning system set to be deployed in Ukraine by September. New Israeli technology improves the prediction of patient response to immunotherapy.
Israeli drone power: How UAVs have taken the IDF to a new level. First 'air taxi' test carried out in Israel.
FDA Makes Unexpected Ivermectin Announcement | Facts Matter. Israel's foreign minister attacks Kamala Harris over judicial reform comments.
Israel's U20 World Cup upset against Brazil leaves world in awe. Kamala flap is overblown - but indicative of bigger US-Israel problems - analysis.
Target Donated to Group Demanding Mount Rushmore Shutdown. Dershowitz: Jews shouldn't be defending George Soros against Elon Musk.
Obama Judge Says 14th Amendment Gives Muslim Migrants the Right to Invade America. Two Christian Teenagers Charged with Blasphemy and Sent to Jail in Pakistan.
VIDEO: Christian Man Arrested While Preaching at Pennsylvania Pride Event. DHS-Funded Program Ties GOP, Conservatives to Nazis.
“Christians Must Stand Up,” Former Iranian Prisoner Tells Israel Today. Did an AI drone go rogue and kill its human operator in a simulation?
Palestinian journalists announce “top priority”: “Loyalty” to terrorists. Israel’s Fear: Washington Moves Closer to Tehran.
Blinken, and Jill Biden to skip stops to Israel on Mideast tour. Nides, outgoing US Ambassador to Israel, approved a nearly $1 million grant to support delegitimizing Israel.
Extremist Jewish group prepares for a new Jewish Holy Temple.  
Towards a New Theology of Jewish-Christian Relations. One in four Europeans harbors antisemitic attitudes, a new ADL survey shows.
Why Join the Battle? How it’s in your interest to ally with Israel these days? Israel slams IAEA for ending probe into Iranian nuclear sites.
Beat Iran at Its Own Game. Groundbreaking Israeli cancer treatment has 90% success rate.
The US may buy Israeli silence on Iran in exchange for Saudi peace. Israeli startup unlocks the secrets of bee colonies.
Israel announces new natural gas field off its coast. IDF successfully tests the naval Iron Dome defense system against multiple attacks.
5 common medications that can trigger depression. Israel has a better solution than the contentious NGO tax bill to stop foreign intervention into Israeli politics.
Leaks show US aid money pushed Israel to buy flawed American periscopes for new subs. US Jewish teens, led by Ezra Beinart, are meeting prominent Palestinians via Zoom.
Palestinian terror group runs student exchange program with Europe. Durham District School Board solidifies its ranking as Ontario’s WORST school board by BANNING parents and media from its meetings.
Israeli missing for 2 years discovered in Jordan. NYC’s public law school releases video of ‘antisemitic’ commencement speech.
Biden’s antisemitism strategy fails to condemn BDS, includes CAIR. New York lawyer caught using fake case citations made by ChatGPT.
Foreign Interference? How Non-Citizens Are Voting in American Elections.

Dennis Prager: If the US abandons Israel, ‘that is the end of America.’

'The Official Truth': The End of Free Speech That Will End America.

US ultimatum to Netanyahu: Drop bill limiting aid to PA Arabs, score a meeting with Biden.

Biden DHS Pays $40M to Smear Conservatives; Extremism Pyramid Links Mainstream Right With Nazis. “Christians, Go Home!” Shout from Orthodox Jews at Temple Mount.
Soros’ Son Visited White House At Least 17 Times Since Biden’s Presidency, Records Show. Hungary likely to move embassy to Jerusalem, Foreign minister says.
Where it all began: Foot-shaped compounds shed light on the early stages of the Jewish religion.  
US conditions Israel-Saudi talks on a halt to judicial reform. Israel, Saudi Arabia in ‘advanced’ talks over direct flights for Hajj - report.
Miracle Baby defies the odds and leaves the hospital after a lengthy battle for his life. Do the Europeans know or care where their aid to the PA goes?
Israeli researchers identify brain imbalance linked to autism. Israel to export water know-how to southern France.
Family building a house in northern Israel destroys 1,800-year-old burial cave. New Israeli cannon set to revolutionize field combat.
Delving into the Portuguese Inquisition archives. PA brags that Fatah actively supported Islamic Jihad in the recent Gaza War.
Elon Musk's Neuralink gets FDA approval for a study of brain implants in humans. The Real Threat to Al-Aqsa Mosque is From Muslims, Not Jews.
Leaked Policy Exposes Fox News Stances on Woke Ideology. Isn't it strange that Sky News in Australia reports on the Durham Report and US Media outlets aren't? VIDEO
Anti-Israel Activist Arrested for Vandalizing Michigan Synagogue Is vandalizing a synagogue "anti-Zionism" or anti-Semitism? Self-Admitted Child Porn Solicitor Based in Brooklyn Identified From Whistleblower Database of ‘Rapey. To’ Users; Brooklyn DA Presses No Charges.
CNN International Host Isa Soares Blames Israel For Human Shields. Biden Appoints Holocaust Museum Board Member From Org That Accused Israel of Apartheid.
‘Woke Jesus’: How a ‘Doctrine of Demons’ Is Infiltrating Christianity. Alleged neo-Nazi teenager who rammed WH barriers with U-Haul truck has charges quietly downgraded. He is not a US Citizen. What's the difference between a Neo-Nazi and an Antisemite?

Shavuot: Looking forward & backward

Progress brainwashes us with generationalism, feeding a false narrative that the past was flawed while the present is surpassing.
EU envoy: ‘No such thing as Area A and B, it’s all Palestine.’ REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY: ARE WE ALL ISRAEL NOW?
State Dept. report on religion slams alleged Israeli offenses while ignoring Gaza, PA. Poll: 75% of Palestinians Don’t Trust Their Leadership!
Jews and Christians Coming Together to Change the Media Narrative on Israel. Converting to Judaism in Israel is nearly impossible - ITIM report.
Palestinians prefer Russia, China to mediate with Israel, don't trust US. Do Gaza rockets kill more Gazans than Israelis?
Proton therapy, touted as cancer killer without side effects, set for Israel debut. The most important difference between secular and religious Zionism - opinion.
Triumphalism and ethnonationalism take center stage at Jerusalem Day events. UNTO THE NATIONS: Jews and Christians Coming Together to Change the Media Narrative on Israel.
Israel FDA branch, the green light just around the corner the boon for local industry. 75 words for 75 years of Israel – Geulah/Redemption.
A house divided: New book explores the roots of the rifts between Israel’s many ‘tribes.’ 75 words for 75 years of Israel – Gevurah/Strength.
Codex Sassoon, the oldest near-complete Hebrew Bible, purchased for $38.1 million. Some Jews See Christian Evangelism as “Terrorism,” But Don’t Stop Reading There.
At Sobibor, a filmmaker unearths Nazi Germany’s attempts to cover up its crimes. Ancient Roman-era marble cargo shipwreck found by Israeli beachgoer.
Senate Dems Host Event Celebrating Islamic Terrorists Killing Jews.

Now on display, UK Jews’ correspondence shows the Holocaust unfolding in real-time.

Democrats Create a Transgender Child Kidnapping Network. Vice Media files for Chapter 11 to facilitate the sale to the Soros consortium.
Congress to vote on bill over conditioning UNRWA-PA funding to remove Jew-hatred from textbooks. Leaked Pentagon paper indicates the US government suspected all along that Fauci's COVID-19 natural-origins theory was rubbish.
A 2,000-year-old ledger discovered in the City of David indicates widespread 2nd Temple literacy. A growing number of U.S. citizens are switching their religious affiliations - study.
Revamped as a national park, ancient Sussita’s rich history is even more accessible. Ancient tablet found on Mount Ebal predates known Hebrew inscriptions.
Israel: Netanyahu's popularity soars after Gaza operation - polls. Security Trumps all. The architect and activist who want to build Jerusalem's third temple.
As border crossings open, Gazans return to work, and supplies enter the strip. A woman says her relative makes enough money working a 10-hour day in Israel to provide for his family; says Gazans fear misfired rockets more than Israeli strikes because the IDF gives civilians warnings before attacking.

·    Jewish Aliyah Organization to appear at major Christian convention for the first time.

  Why should Israel welcome Evangelicals?
Acting Like a Victor, Islamic Jihad Issues Ceasefire Demands. When pigs fly: Rare Israeli footage captures eagle hunting boar.
'Israel is working on space warfare capabilities.' Why do women with Alzheimer's decline faster than men?
Israel launches first hydrogen fuel station: Start of energy market revolution? Brain surgery performed on a fetus in the womb for first time - study.
The truth about the death of terrorist Khader Adnan. Nanox wins FDA approval for cloud-based X-ray system.
Erdan: ‘Tlaib’s ignorance and hate toward Jews and Israel know no bounds.’ Israel’s Finance Minister Smotrich transfers more PA funds to victims of terrorism.
The DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) threat to Jewish students - opinion. High Court says adopted children are no longer limited to Orthodox conversion.
Yet another state capitol was overwhelmed — this time by peaceful pro-lifers Over 150 Dutch soccer fans were arrested over antisemitic songs on way to game.

Every Generation’s Story: 75 Years of American Christian Engagement with Israel.

Oklahoma Will Not Do Business With 13 Banks Over ESG Agenda.
U.S. Rep Rashida Tlaib to hold Nakba Day event in Congress building. America loves Jews. Now stop reading.

Stuart Force: Biden Administration is breaking the law in funding the Palestinians.

Palestinians suffer the greatest oppression at the hands of fellow Arabs. 75 words for 75 years of Israel – Emet/Truth.
Gov’t allocates funds to save ancient Israel’s capital in Samaria. 75 words for 75 years of Israel – Eid/Witness.
Karaite Jews: The hardline traditionalists with liberal tendencies. Eight children in four births: 'It’s as exciting as the first time."
Israel’s envoy to UAE tells i24NEWS, ‘More countries will join Abraham Accords.’ Iran cleric says Muslims that don’t go on Hajj ‘might die as a Jew.’
Israeli Minister reminds Tlaib: Palestinian Nationalism began with Nazism. The Real Meaning of 'From The River To The Sea, Palestine Will Be Free.'
IDF kills fifth Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader.  
Why is the PA again hiding its financial documents? Are Israelis incapable of accepting good news? - analysis.
Israeli company opens world's first thermal energy storage plant. UN faces calls to fire officials who claimed Israel cannot defend itself against Palestinian terrorists.
Israeli startup generates electricity while growing tomatoes. Wingate’s Controversial Legacy and Christian Zionism.
Israel goes to war with Coca-Cola over prices. Israel in race for next big weight loss medication.

American couples caught at Tel Aviv airport trying to smuggle hundreds of pounds of Fruit Roll-Ups.

South African 'wooly umbrella' plant could be used to treat pain - Israeli study.

Part 1 - WPATH-Connected Transgender ‘Health’ Doctors Prescribe Puberty Blockers to Minors as Young as Eight Years Old and Irreversible ‘Cross-Gender Hormones’ to Minors as Young as 14 Years Old … ‘Most Kids Are Mature Enough to Make a Relatively Informed Decision.’

Taste and See! ‘Chocolate Christians’ who blessed the world – including Israel.

Part 2 - Pro-Transgender Medical Officials Admit Minors Being Transitioned Without Restrictions: ‘We Brought in Our Own Therapist to Write Our Letters to Rubber Stamp Surgeries’ … ‘We Do Not Provide Authorities Any Records.’

Knesset members relaunch Christian Allies Caucus in the Israeli parliament.
  What is the US Department of State’s Special Representative for Palestinian Affairs doing to implement the Taylor Force Act?
Part 3 - ASH COW: Pro-Transgender Medical Professionals Cashing-In on Lifelong Patients. Jewish doctor denied payment from Arkansas after refusing to rule out Israel boycott.
Supreme Court grants review of a landmark case that may strip significant power from the federal government. Mark Morgan Calls Out Hypocrisy of Corporate Media’s Silence Over New Photos of ‘Kids in Cages.’
Democrats reportedly told Netanyahu that judicial overhaul makes it hard to defend Israel. Another example of the Lord's imminent return as America turns its back on Israel. Americans were caught smuggling over 650 pounds of Fruit Roll-Ups into Israel.
Biblical site under threat amid ongoing Palestinian construction. The largest Satanic event ever held in Boston.
Did Isaiah predict the current judicial reform crisis in Israel as a precursor to Messiah? Emor: Mourning Laws – Torah vs. Paganism.
Will Israel Become an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish State? Why has the U.S. intensified its spying on Israel?
‘March of the Million’ Shatters Opposition Claim Nation Opposes Judicial Reform. In Haifa, Catholics fly Israeli flags at mass march celebrating Virgin Mary.
‘We are in the time of the Messiah now.’ – The Ancestry of the Messiah in Jewish Sources.  
U.S. Jewry can keep Israel democratic: Make Aliyah. Does this almost sound like Joe Biden's plan for open borders to help the democratic party maintain control of the USA? Palestinians demand an apology for the EU president’s ‘racist’ reference to Isaiah’s prophecy Isaiah 35:1.
WATCH: Since Biden took power, over $1 billion transferred to Palestinian Authority. Understanding PA ideology: Israel's illegal creation and inevitable demise, in 40 PA statements.
Palestinians: The Real Human Rights Violations. Analysis: Can Iranian Protests Topple the Regime?
Swedish car manufacturer Volvo invests in Israeli start-up. Israeli plastic surgeons perform innovative skin cancer treatment.
TAU scientists discover new treatment for ovarian cancer. Israeli scientific breakthrough could cure life threatening anemia.
Inside Israeli Innovation, Ep. 7: Defense tech that keeps Israel safe. Democrat lawmaker caught on video swiping Bibles from state House lounge — then she apparently hid them. It gets even weirder.
Officials voice concern as the US taps reserve stockpiles in Israel to help Ukraine. LA councilwoman blames Toyota for catalytic converter thefts from the Prius — reportedly after she opposed motion targeting the crime.
Britain’s Betrayal. Bible believers prepared Israel for statehood; then we stopped listening to God. What Are Illegal Chinese Communist Government Police Stations Doing in the US?
Washington school district to cut music classes for promoting 'white supremacy' and 'institutional violence.' Former Dem clerk accused of sabotaging ballot box to prevent recount dodges jail time, sentenced to house arrest.
Crafty photographer catches Biden's cheat sheet showing advanced knowledge of reporter's question. Nearly half of Democrats see Israel as apartheid, support BDS, new poll shows.
Chief Justice John Roberts bucks top Senate Democrat to honor Constitution — and he has the facts to prove it.

Israel’s 75th Birthday – 6 days to go, 6 Israeli Women to know.

Israel’s 75th Birthday – 7 days to go, 7 Israeli Medical Inventions to know. Hospital dresses babies in blue and white for Israel's 75th Independence Day.
Israel’s population nears 10 million, a 12-fold increase since the state’s 1948 founding. From the most common name to the most populated city: Israel will surprise you.
75 words for 75 years of Israel – Adam/Man. Holocaust survivor does not forget: 'Even in Brooklyn they called me a dirty Jew'.
Archaeology and the Bible – Absence of Evidence Is Not Evidence Of Absence. We Are All Jews – Sgt. Roddie Edmonds. He defied the Nazi's orders.
Ridiculous polls and uncanny similarities between leftists in the US and Israel. Why I choose, and will continue to choose, Israel.
Biden Has Abandoned the Middle East to China and Russia.

Two Jerusalem clerics participate in the conference alongside terror leaders.

How Some Americans Support Terrorism Against Israel. Even the Nazis didn’t pay a reward for murdering Jews.
The undoing of America through false journalism. Everything is Trump’s fault, as in Israel, everything is Netanyahu’s fault. Op-ed. Fake News Easter: Media Parrot Lie About Israeli Police.
Robotic surgery saves Jerusalem doctor injured in ski accident. Israeli scientists develop drought-proof tomatoes.
FDA approves Omicron booster shot. Health officials say in Israel only 5% of the population is fully vaccinated against the virus while 65% has been given at least one shot; Health Ministry is yet to decide recommendation for the booster jab. Israeli companies develop bioprinted organs.

Swastikas, Hitler salutes and violence: Israeli-American children face growing antisemitism in schools.

FBI probing swastika carved into the back of autistic Jewish teen.
2 FBI Agents Who Knelt at BLM Rally Gained Promotions. Despite baggage, some Palestinians rooting for Israel to secure a US visa waiver.
Netherlands widens euthanasia laws to include children under 12. Texas pushed to have the Ten Commandments and Bible study in public schools.
US Supreme Court to rule on Sabbath observance. ‘Just the Tip of the Iceberg,’ Expert Says of Secret Chinese Police Stations.
Wagner Group's Prigozhin tells Putin to end fighting in Ukraine. Leaked Pentagon documents: US officials knew about additional Chinese spy balloons.
Replica Holocaust cattle car set up in Times Square to counter widespread ignorance. The former head of France's intelligence service sounds an alarm on Islam.
Israel’s 75th Birthday – 9 days to go, 9 slang words to know. Washington State Democrats Vote to Hide Transgender Runaways From Parents.
What is special about the number 8? Listen to the additional books of the Talmud and Kabalah to explain the Bible (OT/Tenach).

Psalms 81: The strange god within us. Jewish perspective or twisting the Word of God?

Gap-year volunteers renovate homes of Holocaust survivors living close to the Gaza Strip. Evangelicals Fight for Messianic Jewish Rights in Israel.
Many Jews eligible to marry via Rabbinate elect to do so abroad instead — survey.  

Israel’s Karaites Celebrate Passover amid interest in Alternative Judaism.

Israel's Ben-Gurion Airport smashes records for the busiest-ever month.
As Karaites undergo a resurgence, why is their Passover different from all others? Israeli Sovereignty and American Intervention.
Azerbaijan official touts Israeli ties, hailing embassy opening on i24NEWS. Public Diplomacy Ministry's newly released video reveals the truth about what really happened at Al-Aqsa Mosque last week.
Biden's public message to Netanyahu causes damage to his main ally Iran.

Iran pressures Jews to not celebrate Passover and join the anti-Israel march. This is what happens when you put country above convictions.

Scientists identify autism subgroups, which could lead to tailor-made support - studies. Debate rages over leaked US belief that Mossad aided protesters. Again and again, the current US administration shows its true colors with fake news and leaks.
First, Eco Wave supplies electricity generated from waves to Israeli households. Israel looks to the future with robotics conference.
Avoid using public phone charging stations, FBI warns. Australia Proves The Vaccine Is a Bio-Weapon.
An Episcopalian bishop warns his diocese against holding Christian Passover seders. Judiciary Committee Subpoenas FBI for Documents Regarding Plan to Infiltrate Catholic Churches.
Biden’s DOJ Goes Easy on Trans Lunatic Who Vandalized Church. Catholic hospital caused teen with Down syndrome to die while her sister looked on in horror, family says.
Oklahoma Lawmakers Consider Bill to End Federal Control of Education. Contemplate the Rise in Religious Hatred, Then Confront It.
Tens of Thousands Gather At Western Wall for Priestly Blessing. Omer harvest takes place in preparation for the Shavuot offering.
The ancient Jewish movement rejects rabbinic authority, relying instead on Hebrew Bible for religious law.  
Coalition blasts opposition negotiator who insists government can’t choose justices. In Israel, Passover is truly a festival.
To Be (Set Apart), or Not To Be (Set Apart). Should Israelis see themselves first as “Israeli,” or first as “Jewish”? Violence in the Name of Democracy? Think tank head decries attack on freedom of speech by anti-reform activists claiming to be protecting Israeli democracy.
No Worse Friend: The West’s Treatment of Israel. Meanwhile, the enemies who have sworn to wipe Israel off the map are courted and indulged.

IDF does damage control after military chief says ties with US ‘not essential."

“We love death like our enemies love life” – speaker at funeral of terrorist. Lost Haredi(religious) couple attacked by reform opponents in Tel Aviv
The heart of a lioness: 102-year old undergoes pacemaker implant surgery. Gaza, Temple Mount and the Passover Lamb: A Story of Holiday Conflict.
Amid Moscow threats, Finland will purchase Israeli David’s Sling anti-missile system. Israel's science of saving lives.
RAFAEL registers record-high sales in 2022. Could Israel’s fusion energy co. power our future factories and cities?
Mom's adoption application was denied due to her Christian faith, the lawsuit alleges. All the Jewish MLB players to watch in 2023.
A Tale of Two ‘Insurrections’. Wesleyan University is hosting Israel Apartheid Week this week.
Florida high school pulls graphic novel of Anne Frank’s diary, saying it is ‘not age appropriate.’ Putin is a ‘war criminal’: High-ranking Russian security officer defects.
Michigan Schools Admit Pushing Critical Race Theory. Biden’s Coup in Israel. The puppet masters and puppet regime defeat democracy.
Jews and Christians come together to reinstate the Biblical commandment of the Red Heifer. These Red Heifers May Be Used in the Third Temple. VIDEO
Archaeologists finds link between Israel, Kingdom of Sheba - study.  
Tens of thousands rally in support of judicial reform, lament media narrative. How the Third Temple will bring together Jews and Christians.Video
Fatah official brags: Fatah and PA Security Forces “led 1,500” terror attacks while Hamas led none. Political Pundit: “Anti-missionary bill pushed by media to pull Christians into judicial reform debate.”
Biden Admin Boycotts Israel. Straughn informed the organizers that the State Department canceled her authorization to fly. What makes an AI-enhanced haggadah different from all other haggadahs?
A peek into the Golan Height's marvelous wonders. Ancient Israel was the source of all domesticated grapes, a new study shows.
US tech giant Cisco to buy Tel Aviv cybersecurity startup Lightspin. Study points to coding DNA variants as cause for childhood onset schizophrenia.
Israeli researchers resolve an old controversy: Plants do emit sound. Gut microbes can predict whether pregnant woman will have diabetes — Israeli study.
Released terrorist confirms: Terrorists “carried out the orders of the [PA] leadership.” Israeli hospital launches unique breast cancer prevention project.
Montreal’s oldest synagogue building vandalized with swastikas. Hebrew University researchers discover how pancreatic cancer spreads through body.
U.S. Marshals Were Banned From Arresting Leftist Supreme Court Protesters. Israel launches new Ofek-13 spy satellite into orbit.
Open the Gates of the Temple Mount! Rabbis Urge Netanyahu. The US denies Israel met the requirements to join Visa Waiver Program. Netanyahu had claimed Israel that would join the US Visa Waiver Program in September.
How should Christian Zionists celebrate Israel’s 75th anniversary? What’s America So Upset About? Senior Israeli official calls out Washington’s hypocrisy after Biden White House summons ambassador.
Coalition blasts opposition negotiator who insists government can’t choose justices.  
Despite PM’s assurances, Christian Zionists were bedeviled by an anti-missionary bill. Private jet exhibition lands at Ben Gurion Airport.
Israelis take part in successful trial to cure hemophilia. Israel’s first-ever brain cooling at Jerusalem hospital saves the life of a Filipina nursing assistant.
Five vegetables that should definitely be eaten on the regular. Israeli startup clears FDA approval for advanced cancer imaging machine.
Toyota’s electric cars will have wireless charging, thanks to Israeli tech. Israel is a global trailblazer in water solutions.
Israeli scientists find how pancreatic cancer spreads and kills - study. Peanut allergies were reduced by 77% by introducing peanuts at 4-6 months old.

BREAKING: Confidential Pfizer Documents Reveal Pharmaceutical Giant Had ‘Evidence’ Suggesting ‘Increased Risk of Myocarditis’ Following COVID-19 Vaccinations in Early 2022.

Baby Sharp: Son of Maccabi Tel Aviv legend shaking up college basketball hoops.
USMC Commandant Allegedly Pressured VAX-Injured Two-Star’s Silence. ‘Hypocritical’ Ben & Jerry’s sued over child labor, after attempted Israel boycott.
US refusal to bring forward KC-46 refueling aircraft holds back a possible Israeli strike on Iran. Zelensky: Ukraine seeks 'spiritual independence,' acts against church.
Assad offers Putin expanded, permanent bases in Syria. Some 200 Syrian mercenaries die in the Ukraine war. Why Tucker’s Footage has Stopped: Confirms Initial Capitol Breachers Were Federal Agents, Says Santilli.
Mom sues the military, and police, who treated her as a 'terrorist' after she complained about sexually explicit elementary school posters. Report: US government funding over 500 projects to track misinformation and speech patterns using artificial intelligence.
Biden Administration Pushing Arabs Towards Iran. Palestinian women and female terrorists are “an example for the women of the world.”
Hazor: The Forgotten City – An Israel Today Virtual Tour. 2023 sees a 434% increase in aliyah from the former Soviet Union - Jewish Agency.
The extraordinary life of Christian Zionist ‘John the Priest.’ Are you Jewish American or American Jew?
Coalition's scaling back of reform pace fails to calm protest. Netanyahu: Israel Won’t Pass Anti-Christian Law.
Israeli researchers claim that the unique sand farming method was first developed in ancient Caesarea. A new ranking shows that Israel is the fourth happiest country in the world.
The murder of Elan Ganeles brings Palestinian Authority’s ‘martyr fund’ back into focus. What is epilepsy and how can it be treated?
  A study suggests that Palestinians see US aid as an 'opportunity to promote terrorism.'
Education Ministry present plans for new Bagrut (ACT) exams program. Lenovo announces new innovation center in Ben-Gurion Unviersity.
Innovation: Africa – using Israeli technology to transform Africa. Tel Aviv startup rolls out new advanced AI language model to rival OpenAI.
First in Israel: Doctors treat acid reflux without invasive surgery or pills. Protai raises $12M for its AI-driven oncology drug discovery platform.
The answer to Israel's water crisis might be blowing in the wind. Convert, Marry Me, or Die by Acid: Christian Women in Muslim Pakistan.
Could vaccines be a cure for antibiotic-resistant bacteria? Why the Tower of London holds a paradoxical place in Medieval England’s Jewish story.
Anti-Jewish incidents jumped nearly 20% in 2021, FBI finds. A Canadian Catholic student was arrested and charged after saying men and women are different: 'Embarrassing.'
Murderer of 7 praised as “hero” in US-funded Palestinian girls’ school. Orthodox Rabbi Debunks Left’s Claim That Conservatives Want To Force ‘Christian Values’ Down Americans’ Throats.
The full scope of poison attacks against Iranian schoolgirls was revealed. Jane Fonda suggests murdering pro-lifers to push the pro-choice agenda but later says she was joking.
US intel analyst was at Capitol riot, planned to kidnap Jewish leaders. Biden Administration's Delusional Plan to Combat Palestinian Terrorism.
The False Prophet. When the world is politically misled, it is much easier for the False Prophet to deceive all nations and religions. A constitutional crisis, courtesy of the Supreme Court.
Arab-Israelis: Where Would You Rather Live? A popular new video asks Arab Israelis how they are faring under Jewish rule. Israel365 launches campaign to save unborn babies in Israel.
A Biblical Look at the Judiciary Debate. Christian Children’s Art Contest: “What Israel Means to Me.” 
In the next 75 years, Israel must focus on ushering in Spiritual Redemption. Gal Luft’s distressing predicament. Israel should seek a full investigation of the charges that have been leveled against its national. But it also has a responsibility to him as a citizen and senior IDF officer to ensure his arrest warrant isn’t politically motivated. Op-ed.

Palestinian media calls for terrorism, and the world is silent.

This is a better, safer way to be tested for prostate cancer - study. COVID vaccines: Peer-reviewed study links shots to multiple health issues.
IEC Director: "Electric grid in PA areas needs to be separated from Jewish supply." Watch: Secretly filmed Pfizer official admits gain-of-function research.
Click-Ins’ AI car damage detector raises $7.5M in funding. High Court rules favor Zoom weddings, all but legalizing civil marriage in Israel.
Israeli scientists make biosensor for crop blight - study. Orthodox Jew Inspired by Asbury! Popular conservative Jewish commentator Ben Shapiro was excited about the Christian revival.
Israeli-Canadian startup has high hopes for COVID-busting nasal spray. Why Hasn’t the FDA Recalled the COVID ‘Vaccines’?
Team Israel back for the 2023 World Baseball Classic. Top U.S. High School Received $1 Million From Chinese Government-Linked Organizations.
Prager U Video: What is the University Diversity Scam?

Report: Rep. Jordan Wants 16 FBI Employees to Testify in Whistleblower Probe.

How the Spanish Inquisition persecuted descendants of converted Jews.

Russia's Wagner chief warns of frontline collapse if forced to retreat from Bakhmut.

Texas Tech suspends basketball coach, says he used 'Bible verses about ... slaves serving their masters,' later apologized. But the coach tells a different story.

Russia replacing armor losses with 1960s Soviet tanks -UK intel.

Poll: 61 Percent Say Federal Agents Helped Provoke Jan. 6 Riot.

Disney star shares Christian gospel at Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.
Tucker Carlson says Jan. 6 footage 'demolishes' claims of insurrection. Celebrating A Modern Persian Heroine. And Esther's ordinance validating these observances of Purim was recorded in a scroll.
Connecticut College students revolt after presidents planned to talk with antisemitic and racist past. Encountering Evil Haman.
Employment of Afghanistan's women plummeted by 25% in less than two years.

Biden isn’t Serious About Opposing Palestinian Terrorism.

Ancient map collection of Israel a window into the Middle Ages.

Biden Admin Backs Terrorists, ‘Cancels’ Israel.

Purim: The varying interpretations of the Book of Esther.

Israel Under Attack: Biden's Coup to Get Iran the Bomb.

Israel engaged 4 Muslim nations to expand Abraham Accords. How Biden Subverts Israeli Democracy.
All Signs Point to Imminent Israeli Attack on Iran. The Israeli app making its way to Volkswagen cars.
The Israel Guys Go Inside the Palestinian Village of Hawara. VIDEO New technology enables the blind to navigate - Israeli study.

The Biden Administration costs Israeli Lives.

120 Israeli academics launch a petition in support of the government's judicial reform. Judea and Samaria: An explainer on Israel’s Biblical Heartland.
'Most Israelis don't want America to stay out of their business'. Israel to open permanent embassy in Turkmenistan, 12 miles from Iran.
Asbury University: A Gen Z revival? Podcast. Israeli hospital to roll out new 5G app, could ‘revolutionize’ care.
Christians Set the Record Straight on Huwara Riots. Evidence of 3,500 year-old brain surgery discovered in biblical Megiddo.

Papua New Guinea to open embassy in Jerusalem.

Addionics opens advanced EV battery components plant.

Hungary to move the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.

Creators of Western Wall NFTs arrested for alleged tax evasion.
The University of Haifa scientists unlock the key to drought-resistant wheat plants - study. Israeli-Canadian startup has high hopes for COVID-busting nasal spray.
Researchers may have found path to a natural cure for COVID-19 - study.

Biden’s Less Than Ironclad Commitment to Israel.

Palestinian basketball star makes history by joining Israeli Premier League. The US Does Nothing About Another American Murdered by Palestinians.

Israeli defense minister urges US counterpart to take a clear stance against Palestinian terrorism.

CDC Refuses to Answer House GOP Questions About Codes to Track Reasons Americans Turn Down the COVID-19 Jabs.
American hypocrisy in the name of democracy. Palestinians in Lebanon are being paid by Russia to fight in Ukraine.
The Palestinians' New Terror Groups. Arizona school board member says the district should reject hiring teachers with Christian values: ''.
Americans arrested for allegedly sending aviation technology to Russia - US official. Archaeologists race against time in Jerusalem.
Mystery in Iran amid rampant schoolgirl poisoning. Messianic Jewish Youth in Israel Falling Prey to ‘Modern’ Thinking, New Survey Says.
China holds 'stunning lead' over US in competition for key technology. "I want progressives in the US to understand that Palestinians oppress the Palestinians."
God Is Confronting the Church with the Restoration of Israel. Shocking: A Palestinian mother instructs her son how to become a Martyr.
Apartheid Lies Exposed. Black South African campaigner shocked by Israel’s integration of minorities realized the BDS movement had deceived him. What is in the Judicial reform bills being voted for on Monday? -explainer. It is similar to the US Supreme Court deciding who will be the next Justice rather than the President choosing and being confirmed by the Senate. Israeli Government would decide rather than the Judges.
Israel's economy grew 6.5% in 2022. Israel, and Saudi Arabia discussed developing their military and intelligence relationship.
A square hole in the ancient skull: Earliest brain surgery in the Middle East found in Israel. Israeli scientists find a groundbreaking approach for treating Alzheimer’s - study.
Weizmann Institute scientists discover tool for the science of twistronics. Nobel prize for physics goes to 3 who won Israeli award in 2010.
Pompeo responds to criticism of the Biblical basis for Israel: “I said it because it’s true." Boeing VP: New F-15IA will give Israel ‘unmatchable air dominance.’
Israel stepping up talks with Saudi Arabia over ties to combat Iran - report. PA journalists are political pawns: National duty supersedes professional duty.
Google has begun blocking Canadian users from accessing Canadian news content. American Charity Loses Fundraising Platform Over Palestinian Terror Ties.
Sweden Bans Burning the Qur’an, but Burning the Scriptures of Other Religions is OK. IAEA inspectors find uranium enriched to 84% purity in Iran.
American Jews were viciously targeted across the country. Church of Scientology leader officially served in federal human trafficking lawsuit after judge rules David Miscavige was 'actively concealing his whereabouts.'
Jewish Democratic Council of America Attacks Israeli Government. George Soros' claims of Adani-Modi link spark uproar in India.
EXPERTS MADE A MIRACULOUS DISCOVERY AT MOUNT ZION THAT PROVES A BIBLICAL STORY REALLY TOOK PLACE. Evolution: A Matter of Luck? While experts have long known that the process of evolution is mostly up to random chance, what other factors go into it other than the roll of the dice?
Disorientation or a blessing for Israeli Messianic Jews.

How Biden Subverts Israeli Democracy.

REPORT: US-funded Palestinian school held a ceremony celebrating terrorists who murdered Jews. Israeli minister tells US envoy to ‘mind his business’ on judicial reforms.
Over 15,000 Ukrainians made Aliyah since beginning of war, report says. PA Holocaust distortion: The Zionists “exaggerated” the number of Holocaust victims.
Israeli lasers can shoot down Iranian drones used in Ukraine - top defense official. Israel shows annual economic growth at rate higher than expected -CBS.

How Britain has Failed to Prevent Islamist Extremism and to Protect Jews.

Israel's first homegrown peanut butter is taking off.

Antisemitism has been up 41.9% in Australia in the past two years.

Ancient Jewish Community Shaken by Police Harassment and Arrest.
Messianic Jewish Congresswoman Catches Attention of Israeli Media. Iran spying on Israelis in Berlin, German intel chief warns.
REPORT: US-funded Palestinian school held a ceremony celebrating terrorists who murdered Jews.

41% of US Jews feel less secure than last year - AJC report.

Gallant says Iran in talks with 50 countries to sell missiles and drones. Antisemitism dramatically undercounted in 2022, the report says.
The IRS Came After Pro-Israel Groups, But Protected Hamas. "Come navigate the fine line between legal activism and material support for terrorism." Gallant to West: Urgent to extend expiring embargo on Iran weapons sales.

Overnight protests rock Tehran and other Iranian cities, online videos show.

US Supreme Court convenes on petitions against anti-BDS laws.
China Lasers Hawaii, Prepares for War.

Iran's Military at the Panama Canal: Significant National Security Threat.

WATCH: How does Jewish rabbinic law classify Christianity? Biden's DHS removes the bulk of 'eyes in the sky' from surveillance tools used along the southern border.
Biblical Israelites used the cave system to hide from invaders unearthed in Samaria.

Chinese investors own 384K acres of US agricultural land: Report.

Judea & Samaria, a Region the World Can No Longer Ignore.

Would the Ten Commandments have survived the Israeli Supreme Court?

To my fellow Christians, here is why Replacement Theology is wrong and antisemitic.

It’s Not About Democracy.
Leftists in Israel blasts proposal to limit gender education in schools.

Israel to legalize nine communities in Judea and Samaria in response to Jerusalem terror attack.

Interview: Jewish woman flees from the Palestinian Authority. U.S. ‘deeply troubled’ by Israel’s assertion of rights in Judea and Samaria.
After Biden Sent $1B to PLO, Israeli Deaths Rose 900%. Jerusalem Christians say they feel growing harassment.
From the cockpit to cataract ops: Israeli flight headsets adapted, approved for surgery. 'I want progressives in the US to understand that the Palestinians are oppressed by Palestinians.'
Energean exports first hydrocarbon liquids from Israeli gas fields. Knesset passes a law to strip terrorists who receive PA stipends of Israeli citizenship.
Israel joins ‘oil exporters club’ with first-ever crude sent to Europe. Dream doctors bring joy to sick children in Israel.
Israel to send aid to Turkey, hostile Syria as major earthquake kills thousands. Sea of Galilee Nearly Full as Water Level Rises.
Jesus-Believing Jew? Too Bad, No Citizenship For You. In a new move in a tax dispute with the Vatican, Israel freezes Notre Dame hotel accounts.
REPORT: US K-12 “Liberated Ethnic Studies” target Jews, Israel. Biden Frees Al Qaeda Terrorist Involved in Marriott Bombing.
When US Supreme Court Judges warned against Israel's courts. AP Bans ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers,’ Directs Journalists to Use Negative Term Instead.
German tech giant Siemens to boycott Israel? Soviet Jewry protest leaders in San Francisco secretly recruited help from Jews for Jesus.
Fire breaks out at a Latvian factory providing drones to Ukraine. Is the Biden Administration Promoting Abortion via Contraceptives?
Israel: Sheba’s futuristic children’s hospital is among the most advanced in world.

Biden announces partial waiver of sanctions on Iran.

Israel invites US retail giant Costco to make foray into local food market.

Police Launched ‘Hate Crime’ Probe Into Anglican Leader for Tweets Opposing Sexualization of Kids.

Israel's judiciary overhaul proponents aren't proponents at all.

Mother regrets socially transitioning 4-year-old son to a girl: 'Like leaving a cult.'

Israel Aerospace Industries to strengthen ties with Indian defense. Canada: Senate Passes Liberals’ ‘Stalinesque Internet Censorship Bill.’ Forcing compliance with government messaging.
Here is Team Israel’s full World Baseball Classic roster. US officials: China spy balloon was part of large fleet.
Library That Banned Christian Book Story Hour Backs Down After Legal Challenge. As a massive earthquake hits the Middle East, what does biblical tradition teach us about it?
To the Media, Not Even an Attack on a Synagogue Is Terror.

Mr. Blinken’s trip to Israel: Nine bad moments.

Was this Ohio magistrate fired for being Jewish? A federal jury said yes. What Blinken Refuses to See.

Nord Stream explosions: High-level source describes US planning & execution of sabotage.

The Ilhan Omar Vote is a Turning Point for American Jews.

Saudi Arabia extends US citizens' prison sentences after US appeals. For Palestinians, terrorism against Israel pays - opinion.

Catholic high school student arrested for trying to attend class after he was suspended for 'transphobia': Report.

Anti-government protesters were assaulted outside the justice minister’s home.

‘WITCH HUNT’: Archbishop of Canterbury Promises LGBT Activists He’ll ‘Root Out’ Their Opponents From Church of England. For the first time - Shaare Zedek was among the few to launch catheterization for heart failure.
State of the Union: Huckabee Sanders accuses Democrats of worshiping “false idols." Cancer cells are starving without this protein - study.
  Sanofi extends cooperation with Israel’s CytoReason for bowel disease drug discovery.
Israel must choose between judicial reforms and US relations - analysis. Diaspora minister: ‘Neo-Nazi’ Palestinian Authority is ‘antisemitic to its core.’
For the first time in Israel: Breakthrough cancer treatment employed in Holon. Smotrich doubles penalties for pay-for-slay withholds NIS 100m.
A $1 smart glove could help prevent dangerous births - study. A truck convoy carrying Iranian arms destroyed in eastern Syria attack, war monitor says.
Philadelphia high school librarian told to take down Elie Wiesel poster, who is a Nobel Prize author and holocaust survivor. Gasoline prices jumped above NIS 7.17 from 6.46 Tue night. $.7.90 a gallon, this is the lowest price gas can be. Before this price hike, the average gas price is $8.04, so it will be expected Wednesday to be an average of $8.67.
Neo-Nazi homeschooling network unmasked in Ohio. Autistic people more sensitive to pain than others - Israeli study.
The drone attack on an Iranian weapons factory was a phenomenal success - sources. Israeli startup develops first AI robot for picking tomatoes.
Woman allegedly met 87-year-old Holocaust survivor on dating site, conned him out of millions that she blew on luxury items. Ukraine sinks five Russian boats carrying recon and sabotage teams.
British clergyman accused of antisemitism is barred from the Church of England through 2030. Russia sends drug addicts to war to up mobilization numbers.
Some Republicans Want to Keep Ilhan Omar on Foreign Affairs Committee. 'You're playing with fire': Damning study indicates Merck & Co.'s COVID-19 drug Lagevrio is responsible for new mutations of the virus in patients.
Democrats immediately object when House Republican proposes members recite the Pledge of Allegiance before the committee meeting. McConnell Ousts Rick Scott, Mike Lee From Key Commerce Panel.
Messianic Jewish Debate: Is Jesus God? Suspected Chinese 'spy balloon' flying over US, Canada.
Christians should understand the Israeli-Arab conflict from a Bible-based perspective. Here is how. First Baptist Church faces backlash on 'biblical sexuality' pledge for congregants.

After a historic visit, FM declares Israel-Sudan peace could be signed 'this year'.

Jenin, Jerusalem, and Intentional False Equivalence.
Netanyahu inaugurates the Chadian embassy in Israel before flying to Paris. Hamas Roar Turns to Whimper as Israeli Jets Pound Gaza Terrorists

Palestinians Celebrate Murderous Attack on Jerusalem Synagogue.

Syria appeals to Israel for help via Russia following a devastating earthquake.
Is Christian Love for Israel a Passing Fad? The Eternity of Israel. Christians who were both for and against Replacement Theology all played vital roles in realizing the dream of the Jewish return to Zion.
US Administration condemns Jerusalem synagogue terror attack. Action speaks louder than words. The Biden administration has reinstated funding to the Palestinian Authority. The Trump Administration removed giving pensions for terrorism. Biden is preventing the Third Temple.
Gallant pledges to safeguard archaeological site at Mount Ebal from Palestinian damage. After demolishing the outpost, Ben-Gvir calls for the law to be applied equally to illegal Arab structures.
Is Israel on the verge of a coup? What American Jews fight about when they fight about Israel.
Israeli find shown to combat antibiotic resistance by ‘pricking bacteria to death’. Sanofi extends cooperation with Israel’s CytoReason for bowel disease drug discovery.
Israel orders 25 US F-15 EX fighters able to target Iran’s underground nuclear sites. Israel: Sheba Medical Center touts plant-based treatment for Ulcerative Colitis.
The continuing lie of the “Gaza blockade.” Project Veritas undercover video purportedly shows Pfizer director saying the pharma company exploring mutating COVID through 'directed evolution' to develop future mRNA vaccines.
Rookie Georgia police officer resigns after department bars him from expressing views on traditional marriage. Official PA daily: Nature punishes homosexuality by hitting US with storm after White House displayed LGBTQ+flag.
A fake Palestinian Land Registry for Area C is being written at this very moment. Jewish and evangelical ‘Leftugees’ making the exodus from Democratic states.
Key Russian invasion commander likely dismissed from post -UK intel. Half of the US’s 25 most generous philanthropists are Jews. Few give to Jewish groups.
Treason in America - Again. Why Christians should care about Israel’s Supreme Court.
When archeology meets the exact sciences: the University of Haifa and the Technion launch a new collaboration. Two 3,800-year-old Cuneiform Tablets Found in Iraq Give First Glimpse of Hebrew Precursor.
Simulation Creationism: Are we all living in an advanced simulation? - opinion. Believe in God in 5 Minutes – Scientific Proof in Viral Video.
Young Israeli rheumatologist to become a professor at just 35 Elbit to supply IDF with advanced electro-optical systems.
The US will reimburse Israel for weapons transferred to Ukraine.

Delegation of visiting Democratic US senators requested not to meet with Smotrich and Ben Gvir.

Is a Biden-Netanyahu Brawl Inevitable?

Video: 'Jesus Saves' shirt is 'offending' Mall of America shoppers, the security guard says — and he orders the man to remove the shirt or get out of the mall.
Report: US mum after a report on Malley meeting Iranian official. Russia's Vladimir Putin afraid of a coup will retire in 2023 - report.

Sweden and Finland must send up to 130 'terrorists' to Turkey for NATO bid.

German court seeks to force COVID-19 vaccine on Holocaust survivor.
US government willing to sell Turkey F-16 fighter jets – congress opposes. The US administration has clarified that no deal will go into effect until Ankara officially approves the accession of Sweden and Finland to the NATO alliance.

Destroying American Democracy - An Inside Job.

The U.S. links Israel visa waiver to West Bank travel for Palestinian Americans.

The Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database Tops 1,400 Cases.
'Evil' curriculum salesman boasts about violating Georgia's CRT ban, admits disguising teachings as DEI, Project Veritas reports. Voting machine error discovered after election flips result in New Jersey race — and the new margin is just one vote.
Top European bureaucrat makes chilling prediction about free speech laws coming to the US: 'Illegal hate speech'. Why Israelis Voted for Right-Wing Parties.
Pope Francis: “Proselytizing is something pagan, not evangelical, not Christian.” Seven Scriptures That Make Supersessionists Squirm. Has the Church replaced Israel? Scripture makes it clear that Replacement Theology is a misguided notion at best and antisemitic at worst.
Antisemitism Among Pastors: Is It Real, and Where Does It Come From? Exclusive: Iranian mullah's secret visit to Israel, meet with Netanyahu officials.
British Minister Prays at Al Aqsa on Temple Mount; emphasizes “Jordanian Custodianship.” ‘Imam of Peace’ calls on Arabs, Muslims to embrace Israel.
Democracy Must be Restored to Israel. PM: Joining Visa Waiver Program would lead to a massive uptick in aliyah from the US.
Hamas releases a video purportedly showing Israeli captive Avera Mengistu since 2014. Israeli scientists say substance prevents cancer’s spread in mice with 90% success.
‘Arab’ Christians Say Integration With Israel Can’t Be Stopped. Mini-missiles: IAI unveils missile that can fit in a backpack.
“Whispered in Gaza”: New video series presents rarely heard voices of Palestinians under Hamas rule. Israeli scientists create robot that ‘smells’ using biological sensor.
The first evidence of an unknown ancient ‘Israeli Silk Road’ was uncovered in the Arava trash dump. COVID vaccines: New study shows repeat boosters harm T-cell response.
Israel can eradicate cervical cancer if right steps are taken - health chief. CDC announces potential 'safety concern' related to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and strokes.
Israeli study uncovers how Williams syndrome disrupts brain development.  
Horowitz to O'Reilly: Biden, Top Liberals Want to Destroy America. The UN's New World Religion.
Ex-Virginia Tech soccer player allegedly benched for refusing to kneel $100K settlement: attorney. America Has Become the Greatest Exporter of Destructive Ideas.
Robot lawyer to make its case in court for first time ever. Hate in New York: Antisemitic attacks increased 41% in 2022.
Ex-NFL Player Who Called for Jailing Vaccine Resisters Dies Suddenly. Jewish Pop Star Finds Joy in Jesus.
Israeli quantum communication nanosatellite launched into orbit by SpaceX rocket.

·    Are COVID vaccines effective? Study shows that the chances of contracting COVID increase with every additional vaccine.

Battling kids’ eye cancer in Nigeria, Israeli doctors introduce pinpointed chemo. Israel’s Haifa port sells for $1.15 billion to India’s Adani Group.
Israeli researchers develop revolutionary treatments against types of blood cancer. Doctors praise Israeli ban on extraperitoneal French C-section technique.
Endometriosis breakthrough: Scientists map cellular changes. Israeli technology aims to save bees from a deadly parasite.
Israeli device allows visually impaired people to read, recognize faces. Israel moves ahead with transfer of PA funds to terror victims.
Scientific fraud: The dark side of research. Interview with Itamar Marcus on PMW’s report “Teaching Terror to Tots”.
Israel: Two religious teenagers arrested over vandalized Christian cemetery. 39% of Americans believe Jews are more loyal to Israel than the US - survey.
Tachles With Aviel – How Old Was Adam When God Created Him? Palestinian textbooks teach kids to murder Jews.
Jewish Expectation and Christian Hope.

Rabbi responds to uproar: The Torah forbids gay relations; what do you want from me?

A Second Exodus! Pressure mounts on Christian teams helping Jews make Aliyah. Biden Helps Create Fake Palestinian History.
Waqf forced Christian tourists at the Temple Mount to wear humiliating yellow garment. Written records of biblical King David discovered by researchers.
Born-Alive Act: Pelosi, Schumer meltdown after new bill requires care for babies born during a failed abortion. One in four young Evangelicals says their faith leaders hold antisemitic beliefs.
Biden delays Title VI protections for students against antisemitism. Palestinian Authority: Israeli measures to punish terrorism will lead to our collapse.

70% of UN rights council members are non-democracies, says watchdog.

Germany: Iranian arrested on suspicion of plotting a chemical attack.
America, Behold Your God. Understanding George Soros’ self-image is key to grasping what’s going on these days. ‘The great unpunishment’: How, why so many Holocaust perpetrators got away with it.
Top 10 Jewish stories of 2022. Israeli private satellite with state-of-the-art camera launched into orbit.
The Trailblazing Female Muslim Arab IDF Major. Complex link between depression and serotonin.
2.67 million tourists visited Israel in 2022.  
Israeli study maps out DNA markers in cells to speed up cancer diagnoses. Israeli defense establishment requests 10-billion shekel budget increase.
Scientists create vaccine to kill, prevent brain cancer cells - study. UN condemned Israel more than all other countries combined in 2022 — monitor.
Blue dragonflies can help scientists make better robots - study.

·    Israeli woman stabbed to death in Germany on New Year's Eve.

Studies on moon mining and DNA | Analysis. Iran upholds death sentence for protester charged with "enmity against God".
97% of antisemitic attacks in NYC are carried out by minorities. Is the UK Turning into Something Extremely Different? In 2013, British journalist Vincent Cooper wrote: "By the year 2050, in a mere 37 years, Britain will be a majority Muslim nation."
Israeli tourist stabbed at Rome's central train station. FDA Executive Officer Exposes Close Ties Between Agency and Pharmaceutical Companies: 'Almost a Billion Dollars a Year Going into FDA’s Budget from the People we Regulate' Part 2
Britain to proscribe Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a terror group - Telegraph. Does an Israeli tourism expert’s Saudi Arabia trip hint at possibly warming ties?

FDA Executive Officer on Hidden Camera Reveals Future COVID Policy: ‘Biden Wants To Inoculate As Many People As Possible…Have to Get an Annual Shot’. Part 1

Who’s who in Israel’s new far-right government, and why it matters.
Biden Administration joins in condemning Israeli minister visiting Temple Mount. Palestinian claims Israel training cattle to spy on Palestinians.
Rabbi Glick: Ben Gvir ascending to Temple Mount may bring Zechariah’s prophecy. Gaza says Israel not allowing enough X-ray machines for medical care.
Ultra-Orthodox to make up 16% of Israel's population by 2030. Israel ranks among the 10 most powerful countries on the annual list. Israel ranks as the 4th strongest military.
Azerbaijan appoints first-ever ambassador to Israel. Coin from Bar Kochba revolt found in Judean Desert.
How do we solve problems without prior experience? - study. Four Israeli cos expect FDA approvals in 2023.
Scientists uncover another reason for melting of Antarctic glaciers - study. Israeli researchers turn bugs into fertilizer and biodiesel.
Pandemic’s end: Israel to downgrade Covid to flu status. US doctors offer drug-free migraine relief from Israeli startup.
Video: Massive overflow audience descends upon Kirk Cameron's reading of his God-focused children's book at Indianapolis Public Library. Israel ranked the 4th-best-performing economy among OECD countries in 2022.
Iranians mourn murdered protesters, chant 'death to Khamenei!'. Bursting the bubble of another PA lie: The Campbell-Bannerman conspiracy.
Indiana University Apologizes for Hosting Antisemitic Terror-Supporter. Teachers exempt from Freedom of Information Act, court rules – experts warn parents should be concerned about public school transparency.
No 'dedicated funding': Air Force scraps spy planes used to fight the border drug war. Leftists Defend Not Allowing Conservative Parents to See Them or Their Grandchildren.
Biden Opens Door to China Sabotage in North Dakota. Belarus sentences Olympian to prison for speaking out against the president.
WATCH: 2022 has been the biggest year for Aliyah in 23 years. Biblical Siloam Pool next to Temple Mount to be fully excavated.
They are creating handmade wooden flutes for the Third Temple. The Hijacking of Christmas in the Holy Land: Inside the Infamous Palestinian Santa Stunts.
Christians in Growing Move Towards Understanding Israel. 'Christian' missionary cult targets J'lem kids with a party - report.
‘Christian Birthright’ brings US students to Israel. Four Rabbis Find Yeshua (Jesus).
2022: Israel’s population rises 2.2% to over 9.5 million. An Israeli scholar says he translated an inscription proving the reliability of the Bible. Others disagree.
The ultra-Orthodox party demands 2G and 3G to remain in place to support ‘kosher phones.’ Prime Minister Netanyahu to Make Bible Priority.
A minuscule device could transform diabetes treatment. The Bible According to Jewish Chapters.
Love Syndrome. The birth of a child with Down syndrome starts a woman on an incredible journey from Tzfat, Israel, to courtrooms, hospitals, yeshivas, and wedding halls, all to do right by her child. Israel Philharmonic to perform Hanukkah concert in Abu Dhabi.
Pro-Israel groups want Ilhan Omar bounced from House Foreign Affairs Committee. France slams Israel deporting Palestinian who tried to kill chief rabbi.
World-Worrying Israeli Government to be Installed This Week. Millions in Hundred Dollar Bills Flown to the Taliban for “Humanitarian Aid.” Terrorists are being funded in plain sight.
How the IRS Helped CAIR Islamists Win Georgia Elections. The US okays Ukraine’s hits inside Russia after Moscow disables Kyiv’s strategic facilities.

Biden Claimed He Created 1 Million Jobs. Actual Number, 10,500.

These Republicans Voted Against Reinstating Military Members Discharged for Refusing to Get Vaccinated.

Biden Reinstates Security Clearance of Physicist Who Passed Nuke Secrets to USSR. Coast Guard Senate Bipartisan Bill Mandates Diversity Training.
Vatican Removes Fr. Frank Pavone. Pope Francis Plays Key Role. For being too pro-life? Shiloh and the Bible.
Jordan announces a project to expand the Jordan River site venerated for Jesus’ baptism. 40 MKs accuse the EU of antisemitism/blood libel following the revelation of a secret document.

·    The first creation of Adam - Where, When, Why?

·    The ‘Red Button’ of Adam - Part 1.

The Red Button of Adam - Part 2.
How priests, prophets, and kings united Israel in monotheism and codified the Torah.
Western Wall rabbi tells European envoys: Jews don’t need your approval. World-Worrying Israeli Government to be Installed This Week.
Iran supreme leader's niece urges world to cut ties with Tehran. In Haifa, Jews and Christian Arabs celebrate the holidays together.
European Parliament lawmakers urge tough sanctions on Iran. Merry Christmas: Israel's Christian population thriving, new data shows.
“Christmas” is a Prophetic Sign of Messiah. Is the Answer to the Star of Bethlehem Written in Chinese? Terror victims sue Biden administration for funding PA.
Tel Aviv University opens Israel’s 1st research center for autoimmune diseases. This drug could stop Ashkenazi women from developing breast cancer.
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Israeli startup's 'flying car'. Can vegetables help treat cancer? - study.
Is the COVID-19 pandemic finally over? - opinion. Saudi Arabia Welcomes China's Xi as US Snubs Allies, Courts Enemies.
Israel’s Plasan to armor British Type 26 frigates for UK Royal Navy. Biden Administration and the Two-State Delusion.
Kindergarteners in Jerusalem to study English from next school year. Israel's 'Iron Fist' vehicle protection system completes tests.
Israeli startup to deploy hazard-alerting chipsets on Germany’s autobahn. Israeli gel boosts the ability of bones to heal themselves, mice trial finds.
COVID-19: Severe patients have brain similar to 71-year-olds’ - study. Japanese trend to reach Israel: 20 capsule hotels to be opened.
New Israeli tech could use light to control drugs. Shireen Abu Akleh Death ‘Witness’ Turns Out To Be Islamic Jihad Terrorist.
Israeli AI predicts heart failure in muscle inflammation patients with 80% accuracy. IDF reveals new terrorist rocket launch sites near Gazan schools.
Ailing Yankees outfielder pulled from Team Israel’s World Baseball Classic roster. Israel said set to show UN envoy proof most slain Palestinian minors had terror ties.
The Apartheid Libel to Destroy Israel. In a phone call, Erdogan tells Putin to clear Kurdish forces from northern Syria.
Jewish and Christian identities both under attack, Religious Zionist lawmaker tells Christian group. Jordan eyes tourism bonanza in an expansion of Jesus' baptism site.
Why Christian Zionism Is More Important Than We Think. The War for Eight Billion Minds.
Small but proud: Meet Taiwan’s growing Jewish community. Iran asking Russia to sell military ships, help build new designs: Israeli sources.
‘New era of treatment’: Israelis among first to receive ‘game-changing’ ALS medicine. Oldest inscription in Canaanite language found in Israel.
Tucker: Source Has Seen the CIA’s JFK Assassination Files — Says the Agency Killed Kennedy. Proof of biblical kings of Israel, Judah, deciphered on Jerusalem rock inscriptions.
A 2,200-year-old trove of silver coins offers historical proof of Hanukkah events. Recent archeological discoveries at the Western Wall – What lurks beneath the surface.
Rare 2,000-year-old ‘Temple tax’ silver coin found near Temple Mount. Autistic IDF soldiers breaking through glass ceiling.

The Book of Enoch: What is the famous biblical Apocrypha? - explainer.

Huge IDF exercise: 8,000 troops plus 5,000 reservists in special call-up.
39% of the US believes we are currently in the end-of-times, Pew survey suggests. Morality and religion - mutually exclusive?
Will Israelis be able to travel to the U.S. without a visa in 2023? The US Administration requires less than 3% denials. This has always been a problem since Israel is extremely careful not to allow terrorists into other countries. Israel develops cutting-edge medication technology.
Shaare Zedek Medical Center treats Parkinson's patients using DBS for first time. Israeli scientists derive male and female cells from same person for the first time.
Technion researchers discover new antibiotic cocktails for long-term results. Nano-magnets can be used to restore damaged nerve cells -Bar-Ilan University.
Israeli researchers develop invisible face mask. Iran's nuclear program must be destroyed, says an Israeli nuclear physicist.
'Israeli Tuscany' makes prestigious magazine's vacation spot list. WATCH: Israeli Navy vessels gain the ability to intercept cruise missiles in landmark test.
PA and Hamas’ shared values: Both promote identical death/blood worship. Iran supreme leader's niece urges world to cut ties with Tehran.
PM's wife demands an apology for rumors she "believes in Jesus". How many Hebrew Israelites are there, and how worried should Jews be? There are very diverse groups with what the article talks about as "Hebrew Israelites" just as within the group of "Baptists".
LIVE - Netanyahu says he’ll keep far-right in check: ‘Israel won’t be governed by Talmud’. Amazing acknowledgment that the Religious follow the Talmud and not the Tanach (Old Testament). Israel's secular public is tired of carrying ultra-Orthodox on its back.
The most extensive study of ancient DNA shows medieval Ashkenazi Jewry was surprisingly diverse. 3,000-year-old Canaanite scarab found by Israeli schoolchildren.
U.K. Prosecutors: Some Bible Verses “No Longer Appropriate” to Be Quoted in Public. In first, US Senate could pass measure honoring Israeli-Americans.
PA. School District Votes Unanimously To Keep CRT. For first time in modern history, Christians a minority in England.
More Circumstantial Evidence of Vote Fraud: Arizona’s Numbers Don’t Add Up. Biden Rewards Palestinians for Terrorism, Incitement.
Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial. German Bishop tasked with fighting antisemitism preached anti-Israel ideas.
Rep. Ilhan Omar Accused of Being Qatari Asset. Israel to the FBI: No Thanks. There are several implications of American intrusiveness - none of them good. Op-ed.
29% say antisemitism acceptable in workplace, new survey finds.

FBI investigation of IDF "undermines the Pentagon's own conclusions".

What the Palestinian Leadership Did Is an Insult to All Christians. Gantz says Iran can produce nuclear bomb within two weeks.
Israeli biotech company begins trial for cancer immuno-oncology solution. Technion to develop lotus plant-inspired clean anti-fungal technology.
US State Department spokesman mute on Israeli ‘war crimes’ accusation. The Catholic Church: Crossroads on Same-Sex Marriage.
Police: Antisemitic crimes up 125% in New York City. Canadian Official Offers to Euthanize Disabled Veteran Asking for Home Wheelchair Lift.
Canadian Provinces Refuse to Assist in Trudeau’s Gun Grab. US Funds Arabs Who Want to Destroy Israel.
Holocaust denial spreading in the US -opinion. Extreme Danger: "Boring" Election Issues.
Harvard home to greatest 'threat to Jewish identity' - study. AIPAC attacks J Street: "J Street is many things, but it’s not pro-Israel".
'We can no longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated': CDC data indicates vaccinated, boosted people together make up the majority of COVID-19 deaths. Kansas Law School Silent After Diversity Committee Demonized Christian Law Firm, Spurring Top State Judge to Resign.
One Day’s Headlines Reveal the Entire Israeli-Arab Conflict. IRGC, Basij militia personal information leaked online by protesters - exclusive.
UN Mideast envoy ‘horrified’ by the killing of Palestinian stabber who wounded officer. For the first time ever: Church of England finds the vicar guilty on charges of antisemitism.
2 common drugs may help protect against secondary cancer, a small Israeli study finds. Israeli EV fast-charging startup Zooz Power inks deal for distribution in the US.
Google to merge mapping service Waze with maps products teams. Rafael, Lockheed Martin to develop laser weapon system for Israel, US.
Artificial intelligence in the service of the military. Innovation Thrives on Israel’s Southern Border.
Parents refuse to use 'vaccine-tainted' donor blood for an infant's critical operation. Imagine if a presidential advisor claimed that “black people are humanoids… apes and pigs”.
12% of Palestinians Have Fled Gaza Since Hamas Took Over. Preserving the hidden world of Afghan Jews.
Fmr. Prime Minister's mother: 'Suddenly I'm not Jewish anymore'. New York Times walks back false report on Gaza fishing industry.
WATCH: In Israel, Christians see the Bible become “full color,” says Rev Rebecca J. Brimmer. The draft Israeli coalition agreement includes dramatic changes regarding Judea and Samaria.
Saudi Arabia wants to normalize ties with Israel - report. Greek sling bullet from Hellenistic Period discovered in Israel.
Leaving USA for GOD. We no longer face an unfriendly administration. We face an unfriendly America. Op-ed. The body of a Druze teen returned after being kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists.
Non-invasive cancer removal is made possible with new Israeli research. Biden elevates State Department officials to a new role solely focused on Palestinians.
Fatah turns murderers of babies into heroes for kids. Israeli lab ‘explodes’ mice tumors using gas, in possible alternative to surgery.
Cancer patients test the world’s first ‘computer-designed’ antibodies, made in Israel. Israel deploys remote-controlled robotic guns in West Bank.
Israel cancels rabbinical courts' ruling on the marital property of an adulterous wife. New study shows mRNA from COVID vaccines in breastmilk.
Elon Musk appears to be personally involved in banning the antisemitic Twitter user. 3,000th Palestinian child has heart operation in Israel through Save a Child’s Heart.
Republicans Expect McConnell's Retaliation for Supporting Rick Scott. Israeli photographer gets an honorable mention in an African photography contest.
South Pole Temps Refuse to Cooperate With Global-warming Hysteria. How a Catholic university amassed a treasure trove of Jewish artifacts from the Bronx.
Vaccinated Americans Made Up 56% Of COVID Deaths In August. Israeli NBA star secures 13 rebounds, first double-double of the season.
Mike Lee Urges GOP Senators Who Voted for Radical Marriage Bill: ‘Have the Courage to Protect’ Free Exercise of Religion. Watch: Iranian tanks fire on protesters, 9-year-old killed.
What’s in Senate’s Same-Sex Marriage Bill, Why It’s Threat to Religious Freedom. Hogan’s Heroes actor and Holocaust survivor Robert Clary dies at 96.
Thanksgiving’s founders who loved the Bible, but not the Jews. New York police arrest 2 men, seize weapons over ‘threat to the Jewish community."
WATCH: If we believe in Jesus, we must repent for Christian antisemitism, says Bishop Robert Stearns. Be Careful: You May Be Worshipping a Pagan God.
The Wise Pharisee. ‘If it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men!’. Newly discovered mosaics in Galilee Byzantine “Burnt Church” shed light on early Christianity.
56% of Israelis think Smotrich, Deri unfit to serve as Defense Minister. Palestinian Authority in danger of imminent collapse, Shin Bet chief warns Netanyahu.
Biden’s ‘Objections’ to Israeli Policy and Ministerial Choices are Undemocratic Interference.  
The Biden Administration Weaponizes the FBI Against Israel. Israel successfully tests the naval Iron Dome air missile defense system.
Running reduces chance of some cancers by 72%, Israeli scientists find. Three ways that Israeli scientists are leading Alzheimer’s prevention.
A study suggests that Nazis attempted to sterilize Jewish women in camps with a food additive. Palestinian children wear necklaces with pictures of their dead terrorist “role models”.
How a Catholic university amassed a treasure trove of Jewish artifacts from the Bronx. New Technion technology to allow growing printed tissue for transplants.
Attempted murder suspect freed from jail after allegedly plowing through 25 LA sheriff's recruits and leaving behind "bodies everywhere, bones sticking out and bleeding". Israel releases fallow deer into the wild in the breeding program success story.
FDA Executive Officer Exposes Close Ties Between Agency and Pharmaceutical Companies: 'Almost a Billion Dollars a Year Going into FDA’s Budget from the People we Regulate'. Attacks on Candace Cameron Bure Expose Ruthlessness of LGBT Activists Against Christians.
CNN Silent on Producer Who Declared Himself Supporter of ‘#TeamHitler’. Iranian protest escalates, Khomeini's historic home set ablaze.
12 Republicans vote with Democrats to advance a bill codifying same-sex marriage into federal law. FDA Executive Officer on Hidden Camera Reveals Future COVID Policy: ‘Biden Wants To Inoculate As Many People As Possible…Have to Get an Annual Shot’.
Jacob’s Sheep arrive at Beit El (House of God), As Canada expands its euthanasia program, what does biblical tradition say about it?
Tour the well-fortified Tel Gezer, the biblical Canaanite holdout that wouldn’t fall. China, Iran use private investigators to spy on, oppress US dissidents.
Are Christian Missionaries Keeping Israelis From Believing in Jesus? Azerbaijan to become first Shi'ite Muslim country with embassy in Israel.
Christian baseball stars visit Israel. Israel's secular public does not 'sponsor' yeshiva students.
Our Debt to Christians. It’s Time for Israel to Untie the American Apron Strings.
Data on Russian-speaking immigrants not being Jewish 'misleading,' expert says. Ben-Gvir calls to end recognition of Reform conversions for Aliyah.
As Israel’s F-35 fleet grows, IDF accelerates preparations against Iran. Far-right Plan to Change Law of Return Could Make Millions Ineligible for Aliyah.
Average Israeli apartment costs nearly $600,000. Israel is facing a ticking bomb: Haredi unemployment.
Israeli scientists: Breast cancer relapse in mice down 88% by adding a drug to chemo. An ancient inscription from the City of David may mention king Hezekiah.
Israeli scientists make a breakthrough in producing ‘green’ hydrogen fuel. The Amazing Connection Between the Date Palm and the Messiah.
The US demands some production of Arrow 3 for Germany takes place in America. Biden Admin: We’ll Oppose Israeli Annexation of Biblical Heartland.
Alarming rise in American Jewish children’s complaints of antisemitism at school. Hamas makes arrests over Gaza rockets: security source.
A shocking video shows a female Lee Zeldin supporter being choked during the Kathy Hochul rally. World’s 1st saliva pregnancy test by Israeli startup to hit shelves next year.
Police arrest a man who assaulted an elderly Jew, who stomped on kippah in Toronto. Woman with cancer who had over a dozen tumors shows she has rare mutation - study.

Transgender ‘Treatments’ for Kids Are Hiding in Plain Sight on the Ballot in 2 States, Critics Warn.

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center implements Israeli startup Imagine AI’s revolution.
Sports Star to Be Jailed 10 Months for "Transphobic Message That God Created Adam and Eve". Israeli startup Neteera’s patient monitoring sensor gets FDA approval.
Pro-Life Father Arrested By Biden DOJ Reacts to Press Sec Claiming Democrats Aren’t Locking Up Pro-Lifers. After 40 years of 'marriage,' the wife was left entitled to one-tenth of a shekel.
Canaanite inscription lamenting a plague of lice unearthed in biblical Lachish, Russian marines complain of 'incomprehensible' losses in Ukraine.
Vayera – The prayer that saved the world.

Registered Democrat in Colorado arrested for reportedly tampering with a voting machine with a USB thumb drive.

Tunnel that may lead to Cleopatra's tomb found below an Egyptian temple. 'Divine intervention': 100-year-old Bible helped police solve brutal cold case murder of 90-year-old farmer.

The Palestinian rejection of Israel’s right to exist.

Schumer Shamelessly Using Dark Money in Bid to Hold On to Power.
Palestinians Vote For Terrorists, Then Claim Israelis Are 'Extremists'. Russia gave stolen Western weapons, for cash to Iran.
Energean finds 13 billion cubic meters of natural gas off Israel's shore. How did Christian Zionism fare in the midterm elections?
IAI unveils a new tactical electronic intelligence system.  
Biden Shouldn’t Try to ‘Save’ Israeli Democracy From Election Victors. Israel’s only glass company will get raw materials from its own CO2 emissions.
Technion undergrads wow Paris meet with a plan to reduce chemo-induced hair loss. New Israeli development: AI that's going to help the country's doctors.
Federal judge locks up True the Vote leaders for refusing to divulge source who allegedly showed them proof of China-linked Konnech's malfeasance. Canadian Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Travel Vaccine Mandate as “Moot”.
A German politician was condemned for dancing at the Holocaust memorial. Guantanamo Bay Detainee Released After 18 Years Without Charges.
Reform rabbi to be knighted by Pope Francis for his work on Jewish-Catholic relations. Kari Lake Thanks Liz Cheney for Anti-Endorsement.
UN Sides with China Despite Its Own Report Condemning Xinjiang Abuses. Report: House Aide Fired for Working With Chinese Embassy.
Busted! DEMOCRAT Exposes Huge Ballot-harvesting Ring in Orlando.

Democrat candidate in Arkansas arrested for allegedly making 'terroristic' threats.

Kamala Harris humiliated as Seattle residents can't name one Biden admin accomplishment. Bombshell report suggests COVID-19 escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology earlier than suspected, CCP's Xi may have tried to cover up the world-changing lab leak.
FBI Whistleblower Leaks Document Showing Agency Targeting ‘Misinformation’ Under ‘Election Crimes’ Ahead of 2022 Midterm Elections. FBI Classifies ‘Misinformation’ as an ‘Election Crime’.
DOES NETANYAHU’S ALLIANCE WITH BEN GVIR THREATEN ISRAEL’S CONNECTION WITH CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS? Have Some Israeli Parties Been Overlooked? There are no fewer than 40 political parties standing for election in Israel, including the Judeo-Christian “Bible Bloc.”

Fifth time’s a charm? ToI’s guide to the 39 parties vying for your vote, again.

Explainer: Israel's parties fighting to enter the next Knesset.
INTERNATIONAL CRITICISM OF BEN GVIR IGNORES THE CONCERNS OF AVERAGE ISRAELIS, HIS SPOKESPERSON SAYS. Biden drafts letter guaranteeing Israel’s rights in Lebanon maritime deal. Is the problem, Lapid cowers to Biden in hopes of helping him in the upcoming election?
$306,972 and university degrees – rewards in prison to Hamas terrorists involved in the suicide bombing that murdered 23, Trump Receives American Defender Of Zion Award At Mar-A-Lago.
Israel's Herzog receives new Palau’s ambassadors' credentials. Azerbaijan, a key ally on Iran's border, eyes Israel's embassy after 30 years.
Fred Fleitz to Newsmax: Biden's Saudi Policy 'National Security Malpractice'. Why did Saudi cut oil production? Maybe Biden's passion to support Iran over Saudi Arabia and Israel? BIDEN ADMINISTRATION PROBED OVER GIVING $500 MILLION TO PA TO ESTABLISH A STRONGER PRESENCE IN JERUSALEM.
Israel to become Hungary-like authoritarian democracy if Netanyahu wins the election. Fatah boasts of 7,200 terror attacks against Israel “shaded by the PA” in 2022 alone and criticizes Hamas for not attacking.
PA instructs preachers to praise murderers as heroes and glorify Martyrdom-death in Friday's sermons. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy effective in animal models for improvement of autism - study.
Israeli researchers say magnetic fields provide a way to date biblical events securely. Israel: Government approves increase in teachers' salaries to $2,600.
Vatican’s Renewal of Pact on Chinese Bishops: ‘Disgraceful’ or Diplomatic? Similar to the history with Hitler for keeping power of the Vatican? Five antisemitic incidents occurred every day this year in Germany -report.
Presbyterian Church (USA) adds the 'nonbinary/genderqueer category' to denominational statistics. GOP vs. RINOs in Michigan.
ARKANSAS’ ISRAEL ANTI-BOYCOTT LAW APPEALED TO THE SUPREME COURT. Virginia Military Institute Went Woke, Enrollment Fell 25%.
Judge Rebukes Biden DOJ for ‘Overbroad, Burdensome’ Subpoena of Conservative Group. Will Mail-in Ballots Strike Again in Pennsylvania Midterms?
UK Newspaper Takes Pro-Abortion Deception to Next Level. New British PM has called Jerusalem Israel’s ‘historic capital,’ and vowed to fight BDS.
The West Turns Back on Persecuted Christians, Embraces Radical Muslims.

Washington high school football coach fired over prayers to be reinstated.

'I intend to achieve peace with Saudi Arabia'. Leftists steal a teen preacher's Bible and eat pages of it to protest Matt Walsh's event at the University of Wisconsin.
Roman vessels, rooms found in Antioch, the 'cradle of Christianity' - report. WHAT DOES BIBLICAL TRADITION TELL US ABOUT THE SOLAR ECLIPSE OVER ISRAEL?
Israel Elections: Bibi bloc teeters on edge of 61 seats - final polls. Who’s a Bad Jew? Podcast
LABOR PARTY LEADER: JUDEA AND SAMARIA WILL NOT BELONG TO ISRAEL. Senior Russian official: Chabad Lubavitch is a neo-pagan cult.

Gulf allies worried the Israeli government with Ben Gvir could sour ties.


Netanyahu: ‘Won’t bow my head ’ to US lawmakers’ warning against Ben Gvir partnership.

Germans increasingly less committed to Israel, study shows.  
Best national parks to help you explore Israel in fall. Israel one of five worst countries in the world to work in, study says.
Israeli researchers crack secret to success of invasive species. With eye on Turkey, Greece opens Israeli-built flight school.
Controversial new study indicates COVID-19 might be man-made after all. Israel unveils new S-80 corvette missile ship to withstand future threats.
Growing space: Israelis' experiment will try to grow plants on the moon in 2025. Ramon Airport begins operating flights from Israel's desert to snowy Finland.
Full-scale Noah's Ark: A showcase for U.S. creationists. Welcome to the ‘No-Go Zones’ for Jews at Berkeley Law School.
Palestinians laud Australia’s stance to cancel Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Who waived US law to allow an “alien engaged in terror activity” into the US?
Arabs: Biden Emboldening Iran, Harming US Interests. On the Turkish-Syrian border, a city’s last Jews watch the ending of an epoch.
A Nazi Comparison. "Ominous overtones" of Archbishop’s opposition to Jerusalem embassy move. Concerns Arise Over Democratic Lawmakers Meddling in Israeli Politics.
Israel's political swamp must be drained, lest we drown in it. Election 2022: A rundown of parties and their leaders.
POLLS SPLIT: IT’S EITHER MORE DEADLOCK OR NETANYAHU VICTORY.  Pfizer Exec admits COVID vaccine never tested on preventing transmissions.
CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF WESTMINSTER CALLS ON BRITISH PM NOT TO MOVE EMBASSY TO JERUSALEM. Police are on high alert as thousands are expected at Western Wall for priestly blessing.
Assuta Ashdod-led study finds protective biological factors that prevent the development of atherosclerosis in high-risk individuals. Israel's Top 50 Christian Allies 2022.
PARADE OF NATIONS RETURNS TO SHOW CHRISTIANS’ LOVE FOR JERUSALEM. Groundbreaking Israeli research reveals what prevents heart disease.
Over 350 anti-Israel incidents on US campuses in 2021-2022 - ADL. Israel is the fifth-most educated country in the world - report.
Israel gives Ukraine intel about Iranian drones. Israeli needle-free alternative to amnio can detect thousands of mutations.
Former government officials say that China began stockpiling PPE months before the COVID-19 outbreak. World's first Jewish Sports Museum opens in Israel.
One liberal arts college in Massachusetts has openly supported a project that would target Jews and supporters of Israel. Public School Fires Substitute Teacher for Raising Concerns Over Book Depicting Same-Sex Couples.
Feds reject Florida surgeon general's warnings about dangers of mRNA vaccinations. FBI Offered Up to $1 Million for Allegations on Trump.
[WATCH] 600 LEVITES REHEARSE FOR THIRD TEMPLE SERVICE. A man with Down syndrome was fired by Wendy's after working at restaurant for 20 years, but then the internet stepped up.
The Greatest of All Feasts - Succoth, or the Feast of Tabernacles, is known as the “Great Feast.”  SHOULD CHRISTIANS SUPPORT THE REBUILDING OF THE 3RD TEMPLE? (EPISODE #6).
The City of God.The Gentile blind spot over the divine strategy for Israel. REENACTMENT OF THE WATER LIBATION HELD TO PREPARE FOR THE THIRD TEMPLE.
An ancient, Torah-reading assembly during Sukkot gets a 21st-century revival.  
"Iran will seek economic, cultural ties with Israel' - Iranian prince - opinion. Israel approves Aliyah of 270 doctors from the Diaspora.
Over 40K Ukrainian and 24K Russian immigrants have arrived in Israel since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Nobel prize for physics goes to 3 who won the Israeli award in 2010.
Medics treat 2,741 for cycling injuries, Yom Kippur fasting effects, and deliver 1 baby. US Holding Up Sale of Israeli Missile Shield to Germany.
Netanyahu: Lapid is giving away ‘sovereign territory’ to Hezbollah in the maritime deal. Novak Djokovic wins Tel Aviv tennis tourney, for 89th career title.
Intel unveils Israel-developed Raptor Lake processors. Israeli med students abroad: 'we'll be forced to take exams on Yom Kippur'.
Fungus is a telltale cancer sign, possibly screenable by a blood test: Israel-US study. Antisemitism Still a Daily Struggle for European Jewry.